Last Reads of the Year | The One Where I Start Poetry Collections

Good morning everyone! Time to wrap up December’s reading!

As of writing this, I have read 8 books in December! You’d think with that reading I will have hit my GoodReads goal. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. Wait for later this week to find out!

But of those 8 books, my lowest rating was 3 stars so tthat’s good! I gave really high ratings and in 2020 my wrap ups will be more organized and have more stats. So look forward to that!

Let’s just get into the books I’ve read. And sorry if there are random periods everywhere, my keyboard is messed up again. These aren’t in any particular order.

Merry Me, Mistletoe Magic, and Christmas Wish by Amanda Siegrist

I got all of these books from Give Me Books Promotions as a part of a promotion for the release of Snowed in Love, the fourth book in this series. They can be read as standalones, but I highly recommend reading them in order if you care about the other relationships because they are huge parts of the stories following.

I rated these books 5, 4, and then 3 stars in that order. I am gradually losing interest for the relationships because of the characters they are following. The first book I was really into. The second book, again, really into. The third book introduced a new female character that kinda drove me insane and the fourth book is about a character that I don’t care about and his romance with a character I almost cared about.

These are all christmas romances and I’m hoping to finish the year with 9 books in December by finishing. Snowed in Love before midnight. Then cracking right into Queen of Nothing to kick of NewYearsathon (please join, announcement here)

The She Book by Tanya Markul

I gave this poetry collection 4 stars. It was very focused on women and not letting anything bring the woman down and loving herself despite everything. I loved it, but it also got really repetitive.

I read this as a part of my “getting to know my reading preferences” aka “A Court of Tropes and Genres” aka I can’t think of a better name so that may stick aka let me know your thoughts on the name. All the poetry collections I read this month are a part of that.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace

Lols. 4 books (hopefully 5) written by Amandas. I didn’t even do it on purpose! But I gave this 5 stars. I loved it. It was dark, gritty, and motivating all in one. I fell in love with Amanda Lovelace’s poetry in this and I can’t wait to read more.

The Dark Between Stars by Atticus

Now, I’ve read. Atticus before so I knew I’d love this one and I did! I gave it 5 stars. It follows a relationship and I just adored it. It was bare and beautiful. I’m becoming a huge fan of poetry.

The Toll by Neal Shusterman

4 stars. Solid finale to the Arc of Scythe series and Neal Shusterman did it again. He made me question all of my morals and my life. It was wonderful. I look forward to reading more Neal Shusterman aftter this.

Can’t get into what this book is about, but the series follows a world where we’ve evolved and created an AI that made it so humans can’t die and nothing bad happens to them, no sickness, nothing. So humans can live forever. To counter this, scythes were created. The AI can’t interfere witht the Scythedom and the Scythedom can’t ask for help from the AI. So we follow two people who are chosen to apprentice as scythes.

PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Another sequel. I wanted something quick and easy to listen to so this won out. I enjoyed it enough, but it wasn’t great. I don’t see the love for Peter. Now John Ambrose, on the other hand, is a cinnamon bun. So there’s that. 3 stars, don’t support the direction it’s taking but here we go onto book three.

General summary of book one with no spoilers, main character writes letters to get over her crushes and keeps them in a hat box, letters are mysteriously sent out to the boys, drama ensues.

That’s it! Those are the books I’ve read this month. I’m hoping to finish Christmas Wish before the end of the day (that gives me about 5 hours so. 100% doable).

Comment down below with what book you ended the year off with!

I’ll see you all tomorrow with my January TBR (which I’m going to write once I finish this so I can actually get it up on time). It’s also going to include my TBR for NewYearsathon so make sure you check it out.

Lastly, don’t forget that SelfLoveathon is happening in January. Read all the books that you feel you can connect to or will help you better understand yourself. ❤

See you all tomorrow! Bye!!!

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