Jan 6-12 Weekly Goals and TBR

Good morning everyone. I’m so sorry I missed Shout-out Saturday this past time. I meant to do the post but Friday night rolled around, my boy was being crazy, and I was just tired.

I didn’t wrap up last week either. I didn’t do much. My brother moved out and we spent the weekend starting to move stuff into the bedroom to set up my library and my son’s playroom. It’s a work in progress and has been keeping us busy.

You may have noticed I posted this an hour earlier than normal. I’m hoping by giving myself less time to write the posts (I’m working until 7) I’ll get them written earlier.

I did finish reading Queen of Nothing though! Go to my Instagram to see my review for it! I’m hoping to finish The Valentine Proposal today.

Since I just mentioned the first book I plan on finishing this week, let’s get into my TBR first.

Books I Want To Read This Week

So, after The Valentine Proposal, I would like to get to Fix Her Up.

This is going for one of the challenges for NewYearsathon so in a perfect world, I’d finish this book tomorrow on the 7th. I don’t know if that will happen, but it’s good to dream.

For my audiobook listen, I would really like to start A Darker Shade of Magic. I may see if my husband wants to listen to it with me, though. So I wouldn’t be finishing it this week if that’s the case.

After finishing The Valentine Proposal, I’ll need a new eBook to read. For that, I’ll be working on the next arc that I have that comes out in January and that is The Best Man Problem.

After finishing Fix Her Up, I’ll be starting The Chestnut Man.

I will wait until I’m done with Fix Her Up before starting The Best Man Problem because despite the fact I do read multiple books at a time, I’m not a monster. I can’t read two books of the same genre, especially romances.

But those are the books I have planned for the week.


The other thing I’m going to be focusing on and the main focus of mine is school. Starting today, my next term has started. If you didn’t know, I’m about to graduate with my bachelors in creative writing and English. Shocking, I know.

But this term I’m taking Diversity and Into to Critical Thinking. So they are both classes I’m interested in and need to focus on. After this term, I’ll have one more of two classes. I have 16 weeks left of school before I graduate. Wow.

So this week is mostly intro stuff, learning what the final is going to be, introducing myself, and reading the first chapter of the book and articles to introduce me to the classes.

This week is going to be easy stuff, but I already have some ideas for discussing in my finals, but I haven’t looked into what they are actually supposed to be about so who knows how that will go.

Life Stuff

Since I plan on doing a lot of reading and school is starting back up, I don’t really have much planned for my life stuff. I want to finish moving my son’s toys into the playroom and *hopefully* be able to set up some of the shelves for my library. I can hopefully fit 6 of the 9 cube organizers and I have two in the living room.

We’re going to find out if it would be cheaper to get the 6 for the bedroom or get a tv stand and take the two from the living room and only have to buy 4 more. We’ll see.

I want at least 4 set up before I start using them for photos and stuff, though.

But besides that, I want to start yoga again. I have the room now and I would really like to start getting back into it. And with me being back on my normal work schedule, I will be able to take the time to.

So, that’s it for this one! That’s my goal list for the week.

Let me know in the comments any plans that you have for this week. What goals are you hoping to work on? How many books do you want to read? What books? Let’s chat in the comments.

Thanks for joining me! I’ll see you all in the next post! I’m debating between a tag post or a little bit of a motivational one. I’m leaning toward the motivational one. We’ll see how I feel when I get home and get ready to write it.


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