Week 7 Wrap Up & Week 8 TBR

Good afternoon everyone! I hope the weekend treated you well. I swear. One of these weekends I’ll actually be able to keep up with blogging. I just planned all of the posts for the rest of the month and one day you’ll be getting two because of my OwlCrate unboxing.

But for now, let’s talk about how my reading for last week went and what my plans are for this week. I’m going by what the internet tells me and saying this is week 8 and it started today. So this will be what I read from Monday the 10th through until yesterday the 16th.

I’m just going to share with you all the books that I finished and the ones that I’m currently working on so that you all have a general update about how I’ve been doing.

I read more this past week than I feel like I have in a while. But I’m hoping to keep this trend going into next week!

Brief mention of Well Met by Jen DeLuca because I did talk about this during my StackedbySeason Wrap Up and technically am counting that toward a Sunday finish for week 6 even though I finished it on Monday at about 12:30am.

Now onto all the books I read this week! Click on the photos of each book to go to my review for it on Instagram. At the end of each book discussion, you’ll find a link to the GoodReads where you can add it to your TBR.

I got this book from Entangled Publishing for my honest review

The Demigod Complex came out a couple years ago as a short novella, but a lot of work has been done on it and it’s not being rereleased through Entangled Publishing. It’s an urban fantasy based on Greek mythology. The main character, Lyleia, is a nymph who lost her spring and her demigod boss, Castor, are thrown together when Lyleia is hired to work for him as his assistant under the strict rule that she not fall for him. Neither are very good at following that rule, especially when they attend a wedding where pheremones are high and the cause of Lyleia losing her spring is at the wedding.

I absolutely loved the first half of this book. It was going fast and I was loving every bit of it. The mythology thrown in, the tension between the two main characters, the storyline itself. But the second half felt really rushed to me. I wanted more depth within the story. It seemed to be action after action without enough time to finish the last one. It seemed as if the author was on a deadline (as some are), so they just wrote out the outline for the plot and turned it in.

I would have loved this book to be longer. Sitting at about a hundred pages, it’s not NEARLY enough for this story. There were things missing and I was just overall let down.

I gave it the rating I did because the story and writing are both there, but I feel this book wasn’t given it’s fair chance because of the length.

I got this manga from Netgalley for my honest review.

Trigger Warnings for sexual assault and violence.

This manga doesn’t come out until May and I didn’t realize that before going into it! This follows a very popular ex-idol as she goes into hiding after being attacked by someone at an event. There is a huge focus on women being taken advantage of, from girls being sexually assaulted by teachers to girls being groped on busy public trains.

I’ve seen mentions of groping often in manga, but none seem to handle it the same way this one did. I haven’t read a lot of new release contemporary manga so I can’t say that none are handling it the same, but I haven’t read any that do.

I think this manga handled the topics it was discussing very well and I’m so angry at myself that I read it so far from the release. Now I have to wait even longer for the release of vol 2.

This was the Just Book It Book Club pick for January and February. I did a review on my Instagram, but I’ll be doing a full review here on my blog next week after we discuss it in the group.

Make sure you join the Facebook group join the book club or just discuss books in general! You don’t have to join the book club to be a part of the Just Book It family!

But if you don’t know, this book follows a girl who has been training her entire life to become a warrior and the heir to the village since her father is the current leader and has only daughters. But during her coming-of-age trial, Rasmira is sabotaged and ends up being banished from the village only able to return when she must complete an impossible task: kill the god that has been tormenting her village and surrounding villages for centuries.

Now, let’s talk about all the books I started last week and plan on finishing this week.

I got this book from Entangled Publishing since I’ve read The Boyfriend Contract by Victoria James and gave it 4 stars. I’m really excited about this one and as of right now, I’m only 8% through it. The formatting is a bit weird compared to most ebooks I’ve read, but that could just be because it’s the arc version. It may be fixed in the final edition.

I’m enjoying it so far and I’m really interested in continuing. I love me some cowboy romances.

I ended up picking this one up on audiobook and it’s one of those types of books that you start listening to and before you know it, you’re an hour through. While this audiobook is not necessarily short (it’s about 9 hours), I feel like it’s going to be a quick one.

While I didn’t pick this book up because it was on my radar, I’m trying to make sure I stay up to date with my OwlCrate books so I decided to get to this one sooner rather than later. I don’t know what it’s about, but what I’ve gathered so far is that we are following two (maybe three) characters: one is a girl who has been working on a debtors ship to pay off her family’s debt, another is the son of a ship owner, and the possibly third is the person that the first character rescued from the sea.

None of those are spoilers though, because I’m literally only on page 61 of 327.

As for my TBR for this week, I want to finish both of those books mentioned previously, along with a couple more (ish).

That’s right! I started The Shadows Between Us today and I’m dying. I love this book so much already. I could feel my heart racing and feel what this main character was feeling. I’m dead.

As of writing this post I’m on page 28 of this and I can’t wait to crawl into bed and read some more before I get some rest before work. I’d like to have this finished before Friday so I can get the review up then. That being said, this will be my top priority this week.

I found the ebook version for this and since I won’t have any upcoming earcs to read after finishing Cowboy For Hire, I’ll read this in ebook form. The formatting is a bit weird because it’s told with some multimedia throughout, but that’s okay.

Yeah, I can’t find a single picture of this book that I took. We’re not going to talk about how I didn’t look very hard. But hey. This will be my next physical read after The Shadows Between Us. Am I trying to make myself cry my eyes out? I guess so.

And the audiobook I’ll be trying to listen to. I started listening to it and just ended up confusing myself. So I’m going to try continuing after Scavenge the Stars. I do want to try to not read all three of these books at the same time, so we’ll see what I actually get to.

Now, I know that I’m not going to get through all of these books. I know that. But I would like to at least make progress through them. If you saw my TBR post from the beginning of the month, you’ll see that I have 9 books left on there that I wanted to get to. That’s a lot. As long as I can get to a few of them, I’ll be happy. The main ones I wanted to read.

What did you read last week? What do you want to read this week? How’s your Readathin going?

Thanks so much for joining me and I’ll see you all tomorrow! Bye ❤

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