Books I Don’t Talk About Often #1 of 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Today I’m here to talk about books that I don’t talk about very often. I just went to my GoodReads shelf and randomly generated numbers from my read shelf and chose 5.

I will briefly talk about those books and then I will share 3 books on my unread shelves. I won’t say much, if anything, about those, though. I don’t like going into books really knowing much, so there’s a chance I don’t know much about them.

Let’s do this!

Feel free to add me on Goodreads!

So, my edition of Twilight is currently boxed up and put away so I don’t have any pictures of it really. So here’s just the cover.

I read this book many times in middle and early high school, mainly early high school. I gave this book a 3 on GoodReads, but that’s only because I felt like I had to rate it. At this point, I wouldn’t have given it a rating.

While I absolutely adored this book back then, I know that it’s not something I would enjoy much now. I’ve read books that bring me back to that time in my life and I haven’t enjoyed ANY of them.

While I know this isn’t the best book, I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t love it when I was younger or hate on people who do enjoy it.

Do I even need to give a synopsis? Girl moves in with her dad, meets mysterious boy. Oooooh and secrets 🤔

This book was one that I read very early on in getting back into reading and also was one of the first audiobooks that I listened to. Back in February of 2017.

This is about angels and a war. I don’t remember too many details but I do remember really enjoying it. I didn’t write a review for it, but I did give it 4 stars so that’s got to mean something. I ended up listening to the entire trilogy and I wish I could reread books because I would love to reread this series.

Oh! I actually had a picture of this one! I took this photo the day that I got my hair colored blue. Gosh. I miss it being that shade.

But this book is a very popular one that actually reminds me a bit of Angelfall despite them being on different levels for me. I gave Daughter of Smoke and Bone 4.5 stars and actually reviewed this one.

It’s not like I never talk about this book, but it’s one I haven’t talked about in a while. The audiobooks for this series were wonderful! All the issues I had in my review were so minor that if it weren’t for my breakdowns, I probably would have given it 5 stars. Then again in the moment I probably would have stuck by my 4.5.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this manga. It’s not translated to English currently and it was a heck of a lot more problematic than I remember it being.

I wouldn’t recommend it and for that, I’m not going to link the GoodReads.

I had to go back to March of 2019 to find this picture and coincidentally, it’s my review for it!

While I found this book very predictable and cliche, I still really enjoyed it. I loved the Japanese folklore and mythology throughout it and how that fit into the story.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the second one, but I still can’t wait for the third one. As I said in my review, if you don’t know too many Japanese phrases, I would recommend having the physical book so you can look up what they mean. The meanings are in the back of it so it would be easy to do.

Before I got Shadow of the Fox to discuss for this post, I got Warrior of the Wild but since I literally just talked about that yesterday, I decided to go with this one!

Now time for the three books I haven’t read yet.

I feel like the first one keeps popping up everywhere lately for me, the second one may be hinting that I need to do another mangathon (let me know if you all want another round of that), and the third one I honestly don’t even remember.

I’m leaving the third one on there because my friends seemed to have enjoyed it greatly and it’s a psychological thriller. So I’d definitely like to read it one day. Definitely going to make sure the first and third are on my Amazon wishlist so I can prioritize those.

I really enjoy doing these posts and I’ll definitely be doing another one soon. But until then, we’ll talk more books and hopefully I’ll be able to skip more next time.

What’s a book you love, but don’t talk about the often?

Thank you all so much for joining me and I’ll see you soon. Bye! ❤

2 thoughts on “Books I Don’t Talk About Often #1 of 2020

  1. Hi there! I have to tell you, believe it or not Twilight is the book that flipped my reading switch! Lol and I was around age 40! Yep true story. So to you I would say, try reading it again and maybe you’ll pick up on the lovely Adult connotations that made me get on the Jed/ward train! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment! I definitely wasn’t trying to make it seem like I would hate the book if I read it now. I struggle with rereading now so I don’t know when it will happen, but I would like to at some point. I’m so glad you read it and it helped you! Its not a bad book. I would really like to reread it one of these days, but I’m also afraid I’ll not like it because I know I’ll be overly critical about it so I need to make sure I go into it without trying to criticize it but rather to feel the nostalgia. Maybe when I get new copies of the series I’ll plan a reread!

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