The Irregular at Magic High School First Impressions | Episodes 1 & 2

Good morning everyone. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and continue that through today.

Today we’re going to just be talking about how I felt about the first two episodes of the anime, The Irregular at Magic High School. I’m going to keep this spoiler free and if you’d like to talk more in depth about the first two episodes, then feel free to message me!

The Irregular at Magic High School seems to follow a brother-sister duo as they start out at a prestigious high school for magic users. The school is broken down into two groups based on their test scores. The sister is in the “better” of the two.

The first episode is mainly just introductions to the main characters that will be present throughout the anime and giving enough information on the school that we can continue with a base understanding.

The second episode introduces a conflict, but I feel like it’s not one that’s going to be the main conflict of the story, even though I feel like it could affect it in some way.

I don’t know what the main conflict will be since that hasn’t seemed to have been introduced yet, though there is one that I’m sure will be a main focus and a priority throughout the show.

That being said, I think that the intro video may spoil something. The thing that may be spoiled isn’t brought up besides in passing in the first episode. It’s mentioned enough that I don’t know the details of it, but the intro showed something that makes me feel like I know what happened. We’ll see though.

So, overall I think these were solid episodes. While they were only about 25 mins each, they were interesting enough that I know continuing will be easy.

I know I’ll be able to get through the episodes quickly without having the chance to lose interest. I will definitely be continuing and letting you all know what I thought about it.

If you’re wondering where to find it, I found the subbed version (so in Japanese with subtitles) on Netflix. Hulu also offers the subbed version. Crunchyroll has it on there as well, and I believe it is subbed.

Like I said, I will be getting a review for this one up when I finish it. Hopefully that will be in March and you’ll be able to choose my next watch!

Do you watch anime?

Thanks so much for joining me and I’ll definitely be seeing you all soon. Bye!

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