My Favorite 10 Webtoons

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far and that it continues! Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite 10 webtoons.

I’m a very avid webtoon reader, specifically on the Webtoon app. I will link all of these webtoons to the website so you all can check each of them out, because you definitely should.

If you don’t know a webtoon (technically a webcomic) is a comic that instead of being told in pages from side to side, it’s an endless scroll for each chapter. It’s super easy to just sit down and scroll through these rather than scrolling through Facebook or Twitter.

That being said, let’s get into my favorite webtoons as of right now!

10. Castle Swimmer

This webtoon is currently on haitus, but should be returning this month and will update every Sunday.

The art for this webtoon is just so well done! And these characters are such cinnamon rolls and deserve the world. Come on. How can you say no to gay fish people?

There are currently 41 “episodes” but 45 parts because there are 4 extras after the “season finale.”

What happens when your entire life is ruled by a prophecy – your future foretold by people you’ve never met, who died long before you were born. Such is the story of two young sea creatures. One believed to be a guiding light for his people, a Beacon who will lead them to a bright, prosperous future. The other is a teenage prince for who’s destiny is to KILL the Beacon so that HIS own people might thrive. When both reject the course set for them, it leads to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself – and a romance that nobody could have predicted.

9. Stalker X Stalker

This one just makes me laugh so hard. Imagine two people who are completely unhealthily obsessed with each other. To the point of just another person looking at their partner makes them want to kill the person.

It’s outrageous and hilarious. If you’re looking for a comical version of You, that’s not going to be this exactly, but it will give you those vibes. Imagine if two Joes fell in love and then add comedy.

(Webtoon didn’t really have much of a synopsis outside of what I gave you all).

8. #muted

Okay. You all. This webtoon deserves so much more love. It’s about two guys who meet and end up together but one of them is non-verbal. While the initial build to the romance could have used a bit more to it, it’s still freaking adorable and these two are just 😍

Jasper meets Kai, a boy who doesn’t speak. Will they find a way to communicate the feelings they both have? — updates twice a month

7. Midnight Poppy Land

I can’t get enough of this story! Especially after episode 17! Ugh I need more. Innocent type girl and big brooding gang member. Yessss!

Just know that as of right now (episode 17) there are spoilers in this synopsis for stuff that hasn’t happened yet. I’ll put them in bold.

Poppy is a shy book editor who makes a grisly discovery in the countryside and is plunged into a world of danger. Along the way, she falls in love with QUINCEY the gentle son of a mafia lord, but finds her budding romance viciously crushed by Tora, his dangerous and unpredictable bodyguard – who can’t seem to leave her alone, or keep his hands off her.

I know. That’s most of the synopsis. But it hasn’t hit that point in the story yet. But I can’t wait until we do! I personally am not mad about the spoiler portion. It makes me even more intrigued to read it.

6. My Deepest Secret

This one took me by such surprise. Me being me, I didn’t read the synopsis. I saw art that I liked and started reading. It was not what I expected.

And I’m living for it.

This one updates every Tuesday.

Having a handsome, kind and caring boyfriend like Elios means the world to Emma. Even a look at him makes her heart flutters. But little does she know about a secret lies deep in their relationship. What is the said secret?

5. Brimstone and Roses

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. This one. Sassy plus-size bisexual ICON! I can’t get enough. At first I was weary, but as the story continued, I am living for this main character and she needs to dominate the world.

Also, the author adds a bit of music and gifs every once in a while which just adds to the experience.

I don’t want to spoil anything but the first time the author used a gif (that I noticed) was perfectly done and we felt like we were experiencing the thing with the character.

This updates every Friday.

Bea is over her ex. Absolutely, completely, over her… except that she’s not. When Bea finds out that her ex is also attending her sister’s wedding, Bea does what any logical person would do and summons an incredibly hot, sarcastic demon to be her date. But demons are tricky, and now hers won’t leave her alone.

4. Lore Olympus

When I first decided to make this list, I didn’t think that Lore Olympus wouldn’t be in the top 3, but here we are!

This webtoon is so well done. It’s so well thought out and just handled very well, in my opinion. There are times where the characters make wrong choices that don’t set a good example but it just goes to show that not everyone is perfect. Not even gods.

This follows the romance between Persephone and Hades and it was the first webtoon that I really fell deeply in love with. It wasn’t my first that I read, but it’s the first I binged and couldn’t put down.

This updates every Sunday.

Witness what the gods do…after dark. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories — The Taking of Persephone — as it’s never been told before.

3. Let’s Play

Super nerdy. Super cute. And super slow burn! To the point where you aren’t even mad about your original ship not sailing because there are like 10 more going on that you can’t help but root for!

And there’s so much more depth to this than just the romances. There’s a look into popularity and what those voices mean, anxiety, self-confidence, depression, and so much more.

The author is super clever in the way these things are portrayed as well. You should see it for yourself. Definitely read this. You’ll fall in love with these characters the same as me!

This updates every Tuesday!

She’s young, single and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible videogames. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse she finds out that same troublesome critic is now her new neighbor! A funny, sexy and all-too-real story about gaming, memes and social anxiety. Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.

2. Gourmet Hound

So for one, food. This entire thing surrounds food! I can’t get enough of that fact. And the characters are all cleverly named after food. The chapters are named after food featured in the chapter. It’s all so well though out and planned.

That being said, this webtoon is so. freaking. deep.

The plot starts out simple but it becomes so complex and twisted you just can’t help but get wrapped up in it. And there’s so much diversity and it doesn’t feel forced. I just can’t with this. It’s so good. Just don’t read it while hungry.

And again, food.

This webtoon updates every Sunday.

Lucy, a woman with an uncanny sense of taste and smell, discovers that her favorite restaurant has changed kitchen staff–and she does not know the identity of the chef whose cooking she’s loved for years. When a lucky accident leads her to two former chefs at Dimanche, she decides that she will do her utmost to track down each of their old colleagues in order to rediscover that “perfect taste”.

1. Subzero

Holy. Mother. Crap. I can’t even put this one into words. Maybe it’s top because these cliffhangers are killing me. But it’s most likely because it’s freaking amazing.

The art is masterful, the story is intriguing, the plot flows so well. All of it.

What would you sacrifice to save your family? How far would you go to protect your people? For Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan, the answer is the unthinkable: MARRY your greatest sworn enemy in an effort to bring peace to your land.

Please make sure if you decide to read any of these that you like all of the chapters. Support these creators. One said that they spend over 50 hours a week on an episode. And that’s only one creator. The effort that is put into these webtoons definitely needs to be appreciated more. So do that!

All of these webtoon can be read for free. Most of them have “Fastpass” which is a thing where you can purchase coins to read the next episode. I’ve seen smaller creators who don’t have that option revealing the next chapters on patreon. It’s really easy to support these creators through the Webtoon app so please support these creators.

Do you read webcomics? What are some of your favorites?

Thanks so much for joining me and I’ll see you all in the next one. Bye!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite 10 Webtoons

  1. Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner says:

    I would always see random webtoon ads while watching Youtube and some of them looked good but I wasn’t sure about the site itself so never looked into it. But I think I’ll give it a try after reading your post! 🙂

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