Weekly Update! | Weeks 10 & 11

Good morning everyone! Sorry I didn’t post over the weekend. I was really sick all last week and then was so tired Thursday, I didn’t even go into work. So I allowed myself a bit of a break and relaxed all weekend and just read.

So, you’d think that this weekly wrap up would be a bit better. But it’s not. And that’s okay.

This will be for last week (March 2- 8) which was week 10 and this week (March 9-15) which is week 11. Let’s just get into it!

I’ve been loving listening to this playlist still. And, of course, my husband and I are still listening to this podcast!

I started watching My Hero Academia and my first impressions post was supposed to go up Saturday, but since I was relaxing, I pushed it to this Saturday!

Just today I started reading this one! I’m not very far, though, so I don’t know my thoughts just yet.

I have reviewed all of these on my Instagram so make sure to click on the photos if you want my thoughts.

Hoping to finish listening to this early in the week
I am so close to finishing this and I hope to do so today.
Another ARC I need to read!
This is the Just Book It Book Club book and I’m so excited to get to it!
February’s OwlCrate book!

That’s it everyone! I really hope you enjoyed this! I will see you all in the next one!

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