TBR Highs and Lows Check-in and TBR Updates

Good morning everyone! I meant to have this going up yesterday, but I haven’t been doing great lately, mentally. I’m trying to get better. It’s getting there. I’m having a bit more motivation now, which is a good sign.

So, since I didn’t get the chance to post this yesterday, I’m going to end up posting two things today. But first is this.

I’ll be taking a look back at the post I had go up last week called TBR Highs and Lows. I’ll be letting you all know what I’m keeping on my TBR and what I’m going to be getting rid of.

Along with that, I made some changed to how I’m setting up my TBRs every month. I have a general “formula” I go by and I’m going to be making a change to it.

So all that being said, let’s get into it!

So, the six books that I ended up choosing for this were:



So I’m going to be adding the three highs into a brand new TBR Jar. I am going to be using the purple Kpop bank thing that I got from Creative Chaotics in the photo below.

When it comes to my three lows, I’m going to unhaul Roseblood, add Before She Ignites, and I’m going to do a try a chapter for Pride and see if it’s something I want to continue. If I do, I’ll add it to the TBR jar as well.

Now, let’s talk about how I’m changing up my TBR “formula.”

So originally I had 5 categories that I would have for the books I want to read each month. They were arcs, Owlcrate, books released the previous month, books from my book box challenge, and anything I want from my shelves.

Well, I feel like there were categories I wasn’t getting to even using this method of organizing. And I want to try to include some more categories into my reading. So I’m going to generalize them more but also make it so I’m not spending the whole time working on just books from these groups.

So I decided to choose 5 categories again. Here’s what they are!

  • A book from my shelves from before 2020
  • An eBook that isn’t a recent arc
  • TBR Jar pick
  • Owlcrate book/Book of the Month Book
  • 2020 Release (not an arc)

Now, I will have other books I will be reading outside of these. Like my book box books, 20 for 2020, and arcs that I receive. But a lot of those can also fit into these categories.

I hope that this is a better fit more when I plan my TBRs so I don’t feel obligated to read one of the many books that would fit for my old categories.

I will be continuing to do the Just Book It Book Club monthly and I already know April’s book! I will also be trying to do a buddy read a month. So if you have any books you want to read in April, comment below and let me know. If they are one of the ones from my TBR Highs and Lows or 20 for 2020 list, even better!

If you don’t know what’s on my 20 for 2020 list, feel free to DM me on Instagram!

Also, please let me know how you’re doing. I truly want to know and hope you’re doing well.

Thanks so much for joining me! I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll see you all a bit later for my neck post today! See you soon

Published by Manda the Bibleo

My name is Amanda! I'm 25 years old with one son, Alex. He's my world and my everything. I have my Bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing. I run the Instagram @acourtofbooksandlove, the A Court of Books and Love blog and YouTube. I hope to one day help indie authors/lesser known authors work to spread their name and get their book to where they want it to be and ready for the public's eyes. If you're an indie author, feel free to email me to see if I'm interested in your novel (whether it's already published or not). I mainly read romance, YA fantasy, and YA contemporary. When emailing, please provide a copy of the novel or a link to where I can find it. For business inquires, email me at: acourtofbooksandlove@gmail.com

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