Weekly Wrap Up and Goals | March 16-22 & 23-29

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Here in NY, we’re on lockdown now. Non-essential business are closed, which means I still have to go in because I work at Walmart. Please be aware and thank the people who are still forced to put themselves at risk for this. That means hospital workers, police officers, fire fighters, grocery store workers, and many more that are related to each of these tasks.

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to do this so. You are in my thoughts so you can stay healthy.

To be honest, if I had a choice, I’d rather stay home. This is the point where I wish I worked a job where I could stay home. Thankfully Walmart is doing a lot to help with this. We’re hiring for people who are out of work and still need the income, giving bonuses to associates to help during this time, and have things in place so people aren’t penalized for having to leave work because of this.

But anyway, let’s talk about something happier now. Click “continue reading” to do just that!

I wrote the intro to this yesterday and I’m just now waking up today (Monday) to write the rest. Let me just say, I feel like garbage. My throat hurt all weekend because my house is really dry and then I ended up getting sick. So I plan on spending all day today relaxing. I ended up not going into work last night and I’m so glad I made that choice.

That being said, let’s talk about what you all really want to hear.

I. Did. Not. Finish. Anything. The last book I finished was on the 11th. I’m going to change that today, though.

I did spend the week making progress in Not According to Plan and I started Throw Like a Girl.

My TBR for this week can be found here. I ended up posting a separate TBR because I am participating in a readathon this week. Check out that post for more info.

I’m currently on page 275 of 354 of Throw Like a Girl. Let me just say, I’m kind of loving this book.

The main character was kicked out of her school and off the softball team at that school because she ended up getting into a fight with a girl on the other team. Now she’s gone from going to private school to public school, and not only that but it’s the school of the girl who she punched.

She’s determined to join the softball team there so she still has the chance of getting a scholarship, but the coach of that team requires her to prove she can be a team player. She’s settled for joining the cross country team when she’s recruited by the quarterback of the football team to be one of his replacements while he heals from an injury.

I’m loving this book and really excited to see where it goes. We’ve reached the conflict and I’m so worried about everything.

I’m only 20% through Not According to Plan but since I plan on staying in bed all day, I hope to make progress in this and in Throw Like a Girl.

This book follows a woman who decides to have a one night stand on her birthday because, well, why not? They’re both consenting adults and she’s never done it before. Except that one night stand turns into more than one night when she finds out that she’s pregnant, even after the use of protection.

I really like the fact that this story is of her getting pregnant even after using protection. It shows that it’s not always 100% effective and that they weren’t being careless. It’s just refreshing to see.

Like I said, if you want to see what other books I plan on reading this week, check out my TBR for #MusicalReadathon that went up yesterday.

Thanks so much for joining me and I hope you all stay happy and healthy during this time. I’ll see you all very soon!

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