May TBR | Readathin & Tome Topple Round 11

Good evening everyone! I hope you’re doing well on this lovely Tuesday. I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. I wasted away Monday without even realizing it, but it was needed and nice.

Today I’m going to be getting into my TBR for May. These are going to be the books that I plan on reading for Readathin and Tome Topple.

I ended up filming a very sporadic TBR, but I’ve made changes to that so I have to refilm that one. So my video will be going up later than planned. I plan to have a 24hr reading vlog going up today! Step 1: actually edit it.

But let’s get into my TBR!

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Series I Need To Finish | #MangaMonday

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re doing well. As always, please reach out if you need to talk or anything.

Today I’m going to be talking about manga that I need to finish. I’m going to do this in the same style as my last Series I Need To Finish post. Make sure to check that out if you want to know the novel series I need to finish.

And as always, make sure to comment if you have to finish any of these series as well or if you’d like to buddy read any of these!

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Booktubers Under 500 Subs | Shoutout Saturday

Good morning everyone! It’s 3am as I’m writing this so that means that this will be going up on time!

I’ve been really weird about sleep lately, but it seems like staying up later rather than waking up earlier works out better for me. So here we are!

I hope you all are doing well. Make sure to comment down below or reach out to your friends and family and make sure they are doing well.

Today is Shoutout Saturday which means I get to rave about some amazing people!

Today’s amazing people are all BookTubers who are under 500 subscribers. Let’s get right into it.

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Favorite Reads of the Year So Far | 5 to 1 Friday

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! You know, that doesn’t hold the same value as it used to. But it’s Friday!

I decided I wanted to bring back 5 to 1 Friday. It’s a series I had started with a friend of mine, but we just kind of stopped doing it. I wanted to bring it back so here we are!

I will be sharing the prompts for all of May as well! Feel free to join in! Remember that not all of these will necessarily be book related. So, let’s get into this.

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May Buddy Read Announcement

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I’m going to be announcing the book that I chose for May’s buddy read. I’ll share with you the book, the breakdown for pages, and what days it will be happening.

This month I chose a very popular author and a very popular book. I do hope you all are able to join me this month in this buddy read.

I decided to not do the Just Book It Book Club this month and I don’t think if/when it will return. No one ever participated so I didn’t see a point. I will continue to do these buddy reads in hopes of people joining in!

Let’s get right into this.

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Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads | Top 5 Wednesday Rewind

Good morning everyone! Today is a post that I’ve been looking forward to talking about and that’s some of my favorite LGBTQIA+ reads.

I’m sure we can all agree that we don’t read enough. I know for a fact I don’t read nearly enough F/F romances so make sure you recommend some in the comments!

But let’s just get right into this!

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Organizing My Social Media | Coffee Over Books

Good morning everyone! It’s time for another Coffee Over Books. You may have noticed a bit of changes made throughout the past few days.

Today I’m going to be discussing those changes and how I manage all of my social media accounts.

Let’s get right into this and I hope some of these tips can help you out!

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5 Manga I’d Love to Reread | #MangaMonday

Good evening everyone. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out my Readathin Announcement that went up around noon. I hope you all can join in.

This post I’m going to be talking about the manga that I would love to reread. Not all of the ones I want to reread are available in the US and I’ll get into that a bit soon. I’m going to try to keep this list as ones that I can actively reread now. But they are ones that I’ve read either all of or most of and would love to reread.

I won’t lie, a lot of these I’ve read many times over, but they are ones that I love rereading, obviously.

So, let’s do this.

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Readathin Announcement | May 2020

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all doing well!

Today I’m announcing Readathin for May! We decided this time to follow a theme. So keep reading for more information!

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Series I Need To Finish | April 2020

Good after everyone! I hope you’re doing well. For some reason, I pushed off writing this post and now it’s 3am on the morning that I wanted to have this uploaded and instead of hunting spiders on Animal Crossing, I’m doing this. (Update: I ended up going to bed partway through and just finished it at 1pm)

I don’t know if I should be proud or not…?

Anyway, tomorrow I have a BookTube video going up that is just me listing off the sequels that I own and have to read. A couple days ago I did a check in on how I’ve been doing with my reading goals. One of those goals was to finish some series. So what better time than now to share with you all the series that I currently need to finish.

Let’s just get into this. I’m not going to be getting into what these books are about. Just kind of listing them. It’s going to be a really boring read, but an interesting skim. Justl like in the video, I’m not getting into manga. If you’d like a separate post for that, I can do that.

Oh, I also didn’t include series that may have other books coming out, but I’m caught up. But if there are books out in the series (even if it’s going to have more coming out) and I haven’t read them, it’s counted. For romances, sometimes they are “series” but not listed as such. If it’s listed on GoodReads as a series, it’s counted here.

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