Book Blogs | Shoutout Saturday

Hey everyone! Amanda back again. I really wanted to get this post written before I went to sleep last night, but my wrap up took forever and I really just wanted to go to bed. So I’m doing it now!

Today I’m going to be shouting out to 5 book bloggers who have posted recently. Not all of these are going to be about books, but that’s okay.

Let’s just get into this. Make sure to follow all of these lovely people!

All of the header images are directly from their blogs.

Kat posted about the series that they’ve been binging! Make sure you comment on their post with any series you’ve been binging!

What I’ve Been Binge-Watching!

Confessions of a YA Reader posted their wrap up for March 2020 and a challenge they were doing! I meant to join in, but my reading was weird at the beginning of the month and I forgot.

Wrap Up for March 2020 TBR and Beyond Challenge

Bree did a Tea Chat! These remind me a bit of my Coffee Over Books, but Bree’s focuses more on discussing as if you’re sitting down and having tea together. This time it’s focused on Pandemics and Forced Family Time. Check out this post for some awesome tips on handling the changes caused by this pandemic. I definitely got some tips I’m going to utilize.

TeaChat: Pandemics & Forced Family Time

Kathyrn from KathyrnBooksville posted about their recently read books! They discussed 5 books and I highly recommend checking them out!

Recently Read #2

Danni posted their wrap up for March! Another round up of some great books!

Wrap Up: March 2020

That’s it for this one! Make sure you check out the blogs I mentioned and I’ll keep doing shoutouts every week so make sure you’re following me to follow those.

Comment below answering the question above and I’ll see you all in the next one! Bye!!!

7 thoughts on “Book Blogs | Shoutout Saturday

  1. Thanks so much for featuring one of my posts! I am glad you enjoyed it enough to do that 😀
    Also, this is a great way to spread some love in the community and give me a chance to get caught up on what other bloggers are doing. I am really appreciating it!

    Liked by 1 person

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