Animal Crossing Personality Book Tag | Tag Tuesday

Hello everyone! I’m back again with another Tag Tuesday and today I’m doing the Animal Crossing Book Tag.

Have I jumped on the Animal Crossing train? Yes.

Am I addicted? 100%.

So let’s mash my two addictions together and do the Animal Crossing Book Tag that was created by the lovely LeadingLady. I also found it on HardbackHoarder when looking for the tag and I just had to share it.

So, let’s do this!

Here are the videos!

Peppy: A character from a book you’d feel peppy about moving into your animal crossing town

I share a town with my husband and he’s been doing all the hard work. So I’d want someone fun who would just make life interesting.

I’d have to say Simon from Well Met. He’s like a two-for-one. He’s got his normal personality and then his pirate persona. But we play dress up, so he’d have to be her pirate persona all the time.

Uchi (big sister): A book that has a sibling relationship you enjoy. (bonus points for a sister relationship!)

There were so many options for this that I laughed at because it was a really bad sibling relationship and I just wanted to share them to be smart. But I’ll go with the ultimate siblings. Not sisters, but that’s fine.

The Weasley’s. While I hated Ron as a character, his family dynamic was one of my favorites.

Cranky: A book that made you cranky

I’d have to say Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I haven’t talked about this book in a while, but I hated it. It was just not good. And it made me cranky because of the fact that it got so much love. Nope. Not good.

Normal: What kind of book(s) can you always turn to for comfort (Certain genre, series, etc)

Shoujo Manga. Always. They are fast, fun, and cheesy. That’s always what I need as a pick me up. But Fruits Basket specifically is one that will always be my comfort series.

Snooty: A book you enjoyed that no one else seemed to OR an unpopular bookish opinion you have

So, I don’t think there’s really any books that I read that others didn’t like, but the closest is Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh. I feel like this book got mediocre reviews, but I just LOVED it. I couldn’t get enough and I don’t know why I haven’t read the second book yet.

LaZy: A book that took you way too long to finish

Most recently, A Darker Shade of Magic. It took me a month or more to listen to the audiobook and that’s after it took me forever to even reread it. I didn’t pay much attention the first time so I wanted to give it another chance. But then I ended up not caring the second time.

Smug: A hyped book you have zero interest in reading

It’s very easy to convince me to read something. Like, just praise one thing and I’ll want to read it. But I have no interest in continuing the Miss Peregrine’s series or read that prequel that is going to/has come out for Hunger Games. Zero interest.

Jock: Your Bookish MVP (Something that completes your reading experience. A favorite snack, bookmark, type of music, etc)

Lols. I’ll let you all guess by looking at my Instagram feed.

Hm. I wonder what it may be. Speaking of… I need to go get some.

I decided not to do the bonus questions because I really want to go play more Animal Crossing and read some books. So I’m going to go make the thing I need for reading and then sit down and switch between reading and playing.

I’ll see you all in the next one and don’t forget to answer the question of the day!

Thanks so much for joining me and I’ll see you all very soon! Bye!

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