BibliophilePrints | Shoutout Saturday

Ugh! I’m sorry everyone. This is going up so much later than planned. But I just had to spend time with my husband and I’m not sorry for that.

But I really wanted to take today’s Shoutout Saturday to focus on someone who really deserves all of the hype and support that can be managed. I know that I won’t be able to capture everything that Erin does and how much it means, but I’m going to try.

Remember that Monday the 13th is the last day of NerdSale. So make sure you all are shopping the shops that are included. I get more into that later in this post.

So, lessgo!

So, let’s start out with the obvious stuff. Erin runs BibliophilePrints, a company that sells bookmarks, stationary, enamel pins, and so much more. She has an Instagram that you can follow, but the shop itself has it’s own website, along with a Society6 and Redbubble. I will list all of these links at the bottom of this post as well, but if you can’t tell, clicking on the word will bring you to the page (for example, click on the word “Instagram” above and it’ll bring you to her Instagram).

For transparency’s sake, I am an affiliate for BibliophilePrints, so using the link to her website will allow me to get a small percentage of the sale to go toward getting more products.

Both of the above graphics and any that follow the same theme were created by Bookish.Tiffany on Instagram.

Along with her shop, Erin also is the moderator for the large sale, NerdSale. As I said at the beginning of this post, it’s going on until the 13th. If you don’t know what NerdSale is, it’s a giant sale where a bunch of bookish and nerdy shops come together over a weekend and have a sale. Each sale is different depending on what the shop wants to do, but there is such a wide selection that no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it!

The amount of work that goes into this is unimaginable. Definitely support Erin and some other shops you’re interested in. There are shops that make bookmarks, book sleeves, candles, jewelry, and so much more!

And on top of that, Erin is VERY active in her support of libraries. Not only does she promote using your local library any chance she gets, she promotes teachers who are looking for book donations to build their libraries in their classrooms.

She is often posting about it on her Instagram to help spread the word and support her fellow teachers! If you don’t know, a lot of teachers have to buy their own books, supplies, and a lot more that they may need.

Support teachers. They are one of the most important, if not the most important, people. They change lives and are the people that truly shape our citizens. So support them.

Here is a list that Erin compiled with different teachers around the United States that are looking for donations. Their Twitter handle, state, grades they teach, how many books are left on their lists, and links to their Amazon Wishlists are all there. You can look by state or look for who has the most books or the least (to clear it out completely) and help them to build their libraries. Click here to support if you can! Save the list or link so you can donate later if you’re able to after this pandemic is over.

Following are going to be just some of the products that I have of Erin’s. If the item is still available, I will link to it. It will be my affiliate links for each item. During NerdSale, you can get 25% off by using the code NERDSALE

This is the “pink flower”
I couldn’t find this one!
This also comes with a white inside and handle

This is certainly not everything I have and I do have more on the way from NerdSale. But I did want to share some of the items that I’ve gotten and absolutely loved. Make sure you get your hands on anything you’re interested in while you can!

I really don’t know what else to say. I think that Erin is just an amazing human being and so very talented. She has a beautiful heart and I will continue to support BibliophilePrints as long as I possibly can.

But that’s going to be it for this Shoutout Saturday. I hope you all enjoyed and check out Erin’s shop. All the links to her shop, her personal classroom library’s wishlist, and her list of other teachers’ lists will be below for easier access.

Thanks so much for joining me and make sure to share this post, please! Have a wonderful day and stay healthy! See you soon 💜


BibliophilePrints Website:
Erin’s Library Wishlist:
Clear The Books List:

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