May Buddy Read Announcement

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I’m going to be announcing the book that I chose for May’s buddy read. I’ll share with you the book, the breakdown for pages, and what days it will be happening.

This month I chose a very popular author and a very popular book. I do hope you all are able to join me this month in this buddy read.

I decided to not do the Just Book It Book Club this month and I don’t think if/when it will return. No one ever participated so I didn’t see a point. I will continue to do these buddy reads in hopes of people joining in!

Let’s get right into this.

So, to start this all out, let’s talk about the book that I chose!

It’s a bigger book so it’s going to be a longer buddy read than most months.

The book is…

This book is 511 pages, so I decided to break it down over the course of 10 days and about 50 pages each day.

Make sure if you’re joining, you’re using the hashtag #BookLoveBRScars across Twitter and Instagram.

Now, let’s get into the breakdown.

The buddy read will be early on in the month this time. We’ll start it on May 4th and end up finishing the book on May 13th. Here’s the full breakdown.

May 4th: Pgs 1-52 (Ch 1-3)
May 5th: Pgs 53-104 (Ch 4-6)
May 6th: Pgs 105-142 (Ch 7-8)
May 7th: Pgs 143-191 (Ch 9-11)
May 8th: Pgs 192-253 (Ch 12-14)
May 9th: Pgs 257-298 (Ch 15-18)
May 10th: Pgs 299-351 (Ch 19-22)
May 11th: Pgs 352-400 (Ch 23-25)
May 12th: Pgs 401-448 (Ch 26-30)
May 13th: Pgs 449-511 (Ch 31-End)

I know it seems like a lot, but feel free to go ahead if you want to. I’m thinking that 50 pages a day would be enough so that everyone can join if they want.

Like I said, I do hope you’re able to join in. Make sure to let me know if you’re going to in the comments below. Thanks so much for joining me and I’ll see you all very soon.

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