Fruits Basket (2019) Season 1 Review | #MangaMonday on a Tuesday

Hey everyone! This post is going up a heck of a lot later than planned, but I spent all day yesterday watching Fruits Basket and before I knew it, it was time to get my son ready for bed. Then I didn’t have time to really do anything else.

So I have two blog posts today and hopefully will have two videos going up today!

Let’s just get right into this spoiler-free review of the first season of the newer Fruits Basket.

If you don’t know, Fruits Basket is my favorite anime. It’s the one that’s stuck with me the most and one of the only ones from my OG anime days that I watched fully through multiple times. Same goes for reading the manga.

I did a reread of the manga last year in preparation for the release of this anime and I stuck with watching it week to week for most of the season. I stopped watching because I suck at keeping up with shows week to week, but decided to rewatch what I already watched to do this blog post.

So here we are, season two has started, though the dubbing was put on hold for it, and I’ve finished my rewatch/catch up of this anime. And holy crap.

Let’s start by talking about the music.

There were two intros and two outros for the season.

Opening #1 – “Again” by Beverly

Closing #1 – “Lucky Ending” by Vickeblanka

Opening #2 – “Chime” by Ai Otsuka

Closing #2 – “One Step Closer” by INTERSECTION

I think that these four song choses were wonderful choices. And the switch over was perfect. The new songs, which have a completely different feel to them than the first ones, came at the time when this story starts to take a turn. This story, from the beginning, is one that hits a lot of darker themes, but there’s a point where it becomes less of the fun, cute thing it was in the beginning.

The story starts with the main character, Tohru, living in a tent by herself despite being a 1st year in high school because her mom died and she doesn’t want to burden her friends and family. That’s a dark start to this story, but it follows a lot of cute and funny stories along the way. The switch of the songs also shows the switch in Tohru. She’s not the same person she was in the beginning. She’s beginning to show the different sides to her and that shows with the song changes.

Now, let’s move onto how I felt about it as such an avid fan of the original.

I absolutely love that the old cast is back for this time around, for the most part. The changes in voices didn’t really affect me much except for one. Uo and Hana are two characters with new voices and I think they fit. Uo’s seems to be really close to the original, if not fitting more to Uo now. All the original voice actors who have returned have fit so well. There are obvious changes, but I think they fit well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this reboot. It kept enough of the cheesiness that I loved, but delved deeper into some things that were only skimmed on in the original. I’m really excited to watch this anime progress and explore more of the themes the manga handles.

I recommend watching this whether you’ve watched the original or not. It’s a favorite of mine and remains as such.

That’s going to be it for this one. I hope you all enjoyed.

Next anime I’m going to be watching is My Hero Academia season 2. I can’t wait to get further into this story and become connected to these characters all over again.

Thanks so much for joining me and I hope to see you all in the next one. Stay happy and healthy. See you soon.

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