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Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well.

Today I had a different post idea, but I decided to change it up and go with this one. So today I’m going to talk briefly about what I’m kind of working on with writing. So make sure you stick around so we can chat!

Let’s do this!

As always, this is a Coffee Over Books post. So let’s talk about some coffee! Well, in this case, I’m going to talk about my new favorite coffee-ish product!

So I got this, like, last week and I’ve been LOVING it. It’s a mug warmer and you literally just plug it in and whenever you need your coffee or other hot beverage warmed up, you just put it on top of it and it’ll heat it up.

I generally have my coffee on there the entire time. But if it gets too hot, then I just take my mug off of it and let it cool down a bit.

This is perfect for the office or anywhere that you do work. I almost always have it on my desk and it works perfect for when I’m editing videos or working on anything. I’ve loved having this and it’s helped me to enjoy my cup of coffee more, even if I’ve been working on it throughout the whole day. It keeps me from having to add water to it and water it down because I don’t like microwaving it.

You can buy yours here.

Also, really quick! Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s video that went up! I talk about some books that I decided to DNF.

So being completely transparent here, I am not actively working on anything. But my mind has been going 300 miles a minute with some ideas.

It got started when I was watching the video I will have below that had someone talking about their process of getting ideas. One of those was from FanFiction ideas. It got me thinking about one of the fanfictions I wrote back in the day and the only one I finished.

I got thinking more and more and it started morphing into another idea. I want to combine that with ANOTHER general idea that I had and have a base now for the story. Well, stories.

The original base idea that I had was for a short story collection of romances. I didn’t know anything else really besides that. I wrote one during school that I wanted to expand on and make longer and make a part of this short story collection.

So, I have one story generally planned out besides needing to expand a bit on it. But I decided the other day that I want 4 total. And they will all take place in the same town and follow different characters. Who knows, maybe this will go from a short story collection to 4 full length novels!

But I want to use the idea that I had for one story and change it up a bit. That would give me 3 main characters for that story (don’t worry, it’s not a love triangle). Two of the characters will fall for each other and the third will be the main character in another story. I want to connect the main character of the one story with the first story and go from there.

I don’t want to give too much away about this because I don’t know where it’s going to go or how these stories will change. I mostly wanted to talk about it to kind of solidify my idea and hopefully motivate me to start working on them. I think I’ll take some time today to work on writing down the general ideas more in detail and work on the first story a bit more. Read through it and figure out what needs to be expanded on.

Working on this story will be the kind of decider about whether or not these will be full length novels or just short stories/novellas.

I’m sorry there wasn’t much to this post. It was more for me than anything else. But I hope you all are looking forward to my talking about this more. If you want me to kind of walk through my process a bit and my “writing” story, then let me know. I can do that.

Let me know any questions you may have about my writing, the stories, or anything else and I may do a Q&A.

That being said,

I’d really like to form a small group of maybe 3-5 people who want to write. This will be a place where we can bounce ideas off each other and motivate each other to write. We can hold writing sprints every once in a while and keep everyone updated on our progress. It will be on Instagram or Discord, most likely. Let me know if you want to be a part of this.

I’m thinking Discord because it’ll be the most convenient with its different channels we can have within each thing where we can organize different conversations. And there’s a portion where we could do voice chats and stuff like that. Or we could just play music during writing sprints.

Again, let me know if you’d like to be a part of that.

Thanks so much for joining me today on this mess of a blog post. I hope you enjoyed either way. I will see you all tomorrow! The plan for tomorrow is checking in with my Readathin reading.

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