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Good morning everyone. Today’s post is a little bit different than my normal ones. Today, I’m going to be talking about my villagers on Animal Crossing and what I think about each of them. To make things a bit more interesting, I will also be including their current ranking in popularity (according to this poll) to see if I go with the popular vote or not.

Make sure you all check out this link where you can find resources to continue supporting the BLM movement. It’s not over. So make sure you are continuing to fight and support.

So, let’s just get right into this.


I’m not really going to order these in any particular way other than the order from top to bottom that I have them on my island. First, let’s talk about my island a bit.

I shaare an island with my husband, who started playing the game before me. He named the island Doosville, as in “No can doosville” and if you get that, make sure to comment down below!

So, he started it but has pretty much stopped playing so it’s pretty much my island at this point. It’s certainly a work in progress, but I’m enjoying the journey (most of the time).

That being said, let’s get right into this with our first villager…

So, I have to say, I love Amelia. Her home design is so cozy and she’s amazing. She’s always singing and I’m always cheering her on. We have a friendship that I wouldn’t trade, but I also am not so attached to her that I wouldn’t let her go.

Amelia is one of the snooty type villagers.

She’s not first on my list to go (I’ll talk about that villager soon enough), but she’s on there. She’s not part of my dream villagers list, but she’s sticking around for a while.

Amelia is in tier 5 of 6 and ranked 21 within that out of 120. So not the worst, but not a really popular one either.

Next up, neighbor to Amelia, we have…

I immediately fell in love with Papi as soon as I met him. He’s a lazy villager and I just love their attitudes. He’s sweet and dumb and I love him for it.

That being said, he’s been replaced in my heart. I found someone I like more than Papi and we have another horse to replace him in that sense. He is probably going to be the next one to go after the main one I want to leave.

Papi is ranked tier 5, spot 6. So he’s higher on the list than Amelia, but still not very high.

Going down a row, we have the pretty in pink…

Fuchsia is a sisterly villager and I really like having her around. But she doesn’t seem to get along with a lot of my villagers. One of them keeps calling her mom and she does NOT like it.

To be honest, she’s one that I like having around, but I’m not extremely attached to. I wouldn’t be heartbroken to see her go, but I would like her to stick around a bit longer. Not to mention, I really like how I set up the outside of her house.

As for her ranking, she’s in the 4th tier and in spot 22 of 60. So she’s kind of more middle ground in general, which seems to fit how I feel about her.

Next to her is one of my favorites…

Julian is a smug little horse/unicorn. He is rude sometimes but I just love him. He’s very into performing and calling Fuchsia “mom.”

I’m so happy to have him in my village and his house is just a zodiac dream! I can’t get over how much I love it.

His ranking is in tier 2 spot 12 of 25. So he’s not one of the most popular, but he’s definitely up there.

Going down to the next row of villagers, we have my precious baby…

I looked at his ranking already and I can’t believe where he is. I love this little doggo and wouldn’t give him up for anything. He’s already tried to leave once and I was NOT having that. He’s going to stick around until the very end.

He’s my replacement for Papi since they are both lazy, so their personalities are very similar, but Biskit is just so much better, in my opinion!

And obviously the popularity agrees, but not by much. He’s in tier 4 (4?! He deserves to be so much higher!) and ranked 21 out of 60. I can’t believe he’s that low. He must be protected at all costs! There’s only one villager who could replace him for me and I don’t even think he could. I’d just accept them both.

His neighbor is the snooty…

So, I didn’t have an issue with Velma, but everyone seems to hate her! I don’t get it! She’s fine with me. Maybe I just don’t talk to her enough. I don’t know. she seems fine, but she is definitely high on my list of villagers to replace.

Her ranking is tier 6 spot 109 of 141. I’m sorry. I laughed at this. Sorry Velma!

Next up is the one I want to get rid of the most…

Okay, to be fair, she hasn’t DONE anything wrong. But she’s just too innocent and cute for me. I can’t do it. I just need her gone. Currently I have her fenced in, though I don’t think that does anything. It’s just funny to see her outside watering the single flower I gave her.

She’s in tier 3, rank 4. I don’t understand why she is so high! Ugh. Be gone Melba. (She is losing popularity so I’m feeling a bit better)

Our newest addition to our village is…

The most I talk to this girl, the more I love her! She’s so adorable. I don’t really have any other thoughts about her as of yet. She’s only been on the island for a few days. She’s also a snooty villager, but doesn’t seem to carry herself the same as Velma. Hm.

Her ranking is in tier 2 in spot 17 where she is gaining more popularity!

Our second to last is definitely a fiery member of our island

I have a thing for lazy villagers! I can’t help it! But here we have the alligator/crocodile who looks like a dragon. I believe he showed up one day at our campsite and we knew that we had to have him. I can’t believe I don’t hear about him more often! And his entire house is just divine.

As for his popularity, he is in tier 4, spot 7. He’s a decent one, but not wonderful. I love having him around, though.

And last, but certainly not least (we leave that for Melba)…

Seriously though! How cool does Sterling look?! He’s amazing. He’s always dressed like a knight and I can’t handle it! I love him.

Unfortunately, popularity doesn’t feel the same. He’s in tier 5, rank 82. He deserves better!

So, I wanted to look at these villagers again and share their rankings from another website that does popularity rankings before I left because I don’t like these answers!

This time, I’m looking at this list.

Amelia: Rank C
Papi: Rank B
Fuchsia: Rank C
Julian: Rank S
Biskit: Rank D (Nope. I refuse. He’s at least a B)
Velma: Rank D
Melba: Rank C
Whitney: Rank S
Drago: Rank B
Sterling: Rank C

So, the general gist of this post is to say that everyone hates most of my villagers and that I hate Melba with a passion. That’s really it. Someone help me get rid of her.

Thank you all so much for joining me. I know that this was a bit different than any other post I’ve done, but I thought it would be fun. If you play Animal Crossing, what villagers do you have? Who is on your dream list?

I didn’t share any photos of my island because I suck at decorating so for 1. it doesn’t look great and 2. most of the designs are from other people and I didn’t want to spend the time linking everyone. I’ll do an island tour when I am happy with how it’s coming along and looking.

Anyway, I’ll see you all very soon. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram.

Keep fighting. Keep supporting. Keep signing. Keep protesting. Keep going.

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