Mythical Creatures I’d Like to See More in Books

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re well. Today I’m going to be talking about mythical/legendary creatures I’d like to see more in books. And while I’m at it, I’m going to share some Instagram artwork of these creatures.

Though I would like to point out that a lot of these may be in a lot of books, so if you have any recommendations for books that include these creatures, then recommend them below. These are creatures I would like to see more, not that I don’t think are represented enough. Represented probably isn’t the right word here, but you get what I’m saying.

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Let’s get right into this post. I’ll be listing five creatures and make sure to comment below if you’d like to see me do this again.

So, like I said, these are creatures I would like to see more, not necessarily creatures that aren’t featured enough. I want to see them more for various reasons, but mostly because I find them and their lore fascinating and I want to learn more.

Make sure you click on the photos to check out the Instagrams of these artists! Support and follow them!


So, I think that unicorns are the so interesting. There is so much that could be done with them, but isn’t. My grandma loves unicorns so I think it would be really fun to read more about them. It would remind me more of her and I’ve been missing her a lot during this quarantine and I can’t wait to be able to go see her again, though I will because I know it’s too early to be taking chances.


So, this one I feel would be an interesting one to include in books because following mythology and later versions of the Hydra, it would be such a difficult creature to defeat. Not only the fact that it has many heads and is a serpent-like creature, but also because of the regeneration. It just would be so interesting to see.

I think now would be a good time to mention that I don’t read *any* adult fantasy. So while I’m sure that a lot of these are included in adult fantasy, I’d like to see them branched out into other fantasy novels as well and (as shown with the sci-fi unicorn) I’d love to see authors taking liberties and changing things to make the creatures more interesting.

I don’t know the details on this, but this may be the artwork for a hydra for Magic the Gathering. I don’t know, but it looks really cool.

I only shared one piece of art for the Hydra because there isn’t much on Instagram that I could find easily. It was mainly just of some YouTuber/Gamer/Person(?) and just other completely random stuff. The Hydra hashtag literally has a bunch of dog pictures from what I’m assuming is a dog groomer.


Obviously, I know Kitsune appear in many books, but I haven’t read nearly enough. So recommend all the books that you know with kitsune (besides Shadow of the Fox). Japanese fox demons! Yes! They are tricky little creatures and I would love to read more about them.


I have seen a kraken like creature in a couple books and honestly this could go hand in hand with mermaids and sirens as well. Sea creatures fascinate the crap out of me. Maybe it’s because of my fear of deep water. But I’m just so interested in seeing a giant freaking squid or octopus destroying entire ships. I need those stories in my life!

And the artwork in the Kraken hashtag is just divine. How are all these artists so talented?! I don’t have the patience nor the talent to do anything like this. And if you haven’t noticed, I prefer my krakens to be octopus-like rather than squid-like.

Black Dog

Okay, I don’t mean like black dogs, but The Black Dog. Maybe it’s my obsession with Sirius Black from the Series That Shall Not Be Named by TERF Who Shall Not Be Named. But also, just the folklore around the Black Dog. It’s said that seeing a Black Dog is a sign of death and that it’s associated with the Devil. There’s just so much that can be done with a Black Dog in a book and I’d love to see it more on a kind of mythical/spiritual side of things.

I’m going to try to keep this artwork related to the Black Dog and not just artwork of a black dog, but I can’t promise they all will be.

So, honestly, this was one of my favorite posts to do. I love looking at people’s artwork and this was just another way to while also sharing some that I loved. Make sure you check out these artists.

If you have any other post recommendations that would allow me to look at more artwork, let me know. I definitely would like to include some during wrap ups and such. So make sure you let me know any other time you think I should include it.

Thanks so much for joining me and I hope you all enjoyed this post. I’ll see you all very soon with the next one!

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