Halloween on Doosville | Animal Crossing

Good morning everyone and Happy Halloween, if you celebrate! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend so far. Today I’m going to just be showing some Halloween decorations I have put around my Animal Crossing island and some “costumes” that I had.

Some of these designs are custom and if they are, I will try to leave below the image how to get it for yourself.

I hope you all enjoy and let’s get right into it!

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Books I Plan on Reading For Readathin | #ReadathinNov20

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be going over the books that I plan on reading during Readathin and the month of November. I have a couple books that aren’t going to be counting for Readathin.

Comment with what books you plan on reading during Readathin or during November if you’re not joining into Readathin!

That being said, let’s get right into this!

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My Favorite Shiny Pokemon | Gen 1 – Kanto

Good morning everyone! I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while now and I’m so excited about it! I plan on showing you all my favorite shiny Pokemon from the Kanto region, which is Generation 1.

Just know that this is my personal opinion and don’t think that I’m hating on the shiny pokemon you love just because they aren’t on this list. Also, this list is based on aesthetic only, not moves or strength of the pokemon. It’s just based on how much I like their shiny, especially compared to the original.

Also, I will not be doing any legendaries, giganimax, Alolan, Galarian, or mega forms. This is strictly based on Gen 1 OG pokemon, not counting legendaries.

I do plan on continuing this series through each generation and then comparing Alolan and Galarian, plus specific posts where I look at legendaries, giganimax, and Mega forms.

Anyway, now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get right into this. This is in order of number.

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November Books and Love Book Club Book Pick

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be announcing the November pick for the Books and Love Book Club.

First, I just kind of randomly decided to make this a book club. I originally was just calling it a buddy read, but I decided to “upgrade” it to a book club. So here we are! With the Books and Love Book Club!

Second, the book club will be mainly hosted on my Discord, though you can certainly discuss it all on Instagram and Twitter (I’ll be checking there as well) using the hashtag #BooksandLoveBC on those platforms. Just know that the choice for each month’s book will be done on Discord.

And lastly before I announce the book, if you’ve seen my Readathin Announcement (and if you haven’t go check it out after this post) then you have already heard what book it’s going to be.

I’m not going to hold this off any longer. There’s not too much suspense when I’ve already said what the book is. So let’s do this.

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Readathin Announcement | November 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week and that continues into this weekend!

Today is super exciting! It’s announcement time! And today I’m going to be announcing the challenges for the November round of Readathin!

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Book to Screen Adaptations I Want to Read and Watch

Good evening everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today I’m going to be going over the book to movie or TV adaptations that I would like to read and watch.

This is going to be a recommendation kind of thing as well. Giving some options that you may be able to use for something in the future. So definitely keep this list in mind as the days progress.

This list is not specifically just adapted books, but books that I want to read and then watch. This doesn’t count books that were adapted that I wouldn’t care to read first.

I’m not going to talk about any of these, though. I will leave links to where you can watch them or add them to GoodReads or Storygraph.

Let’s get right into this and comment below with any book to screen adaptations you would like to read and watch.

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So… Much… Manga! | Weekly Update Oct. 5-11, 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Today I’m going to be going over the books (or mainly manga, in this case) that I read over the past week.

I didn’t finish watching any seasons of shows, so I won’t be talking about the ones that I watched this week. Hopefully I’ll finish them next week so you’ll be able to hear my thoughts then.

Let’s just get right into this!

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What’s Been Going on With Me

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all doing well. I said in a post a few days ago that I was going to talk about what’s been going on with me. So here I am doing that.

Let’s keep this intro really short and sweet and just get right into it.

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Horror Games I Would Like to Try Out

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Today I’m going to be going over some horror video games that I would like to try out.

So, for starters, I hate being afraid. I’m afraid all the time in real life, so why would I want to be in games? Yet, here I am, wanting to play some jump scare horror games. I have wanted to since during the summer and I just haven’t.

I’ve played Outlast and I really enjoyed what I played of it. But at that point in time, my anxiety wasn’t what it is today and I wasn’t as in tune with myself so even if my anxiety was bad, I wouldn’t have known any different.

I love some psychological horror games. Mess with my head if you’re going to scare me. I couldn’t care less about games that are just like “look I’m scary, have some zombies.”

Make sure if you use the links provided to purchase these games, you double check what you’re getting. Some of the links are for collections or versions that include DLC packs.

So let’s get right into this list. I don’t know if all of these are psychological horrors, but I’m interested in all of them!

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5 Books That I Don’t Hear About Often

Good morning everyone. It’s been a bit of time. Are we surprised? No. I’m going to talk about what’s going on a bit on Monday, hopefully. I plan on working on a few posts today. So I’ll go more into it then.

But until then, let’s talk about some books that I don’t tend to see on BookTube, Bookstagram, or any book blogs. Just because I don’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t around though. I’ve seen them in a few places here and there, but generally they don’t get the hype that I’ve seen other books get.

These are also books from my TBR so I can’t really say if I enjoy them or not. Anyway, let’s get right into this and as always, the links for buying these books are through BookShop and Golden Bee Bookshop.

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