5 Fun Facts About Wolves I Didn’t Know | The Hollow Gods Blog Tour & Giveaway

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today is my stop on the Hollow Gods Blog Tour! I have a photo going up on my Instagram as well today for it so I hope you all take some time to check that out.

But I decided that on my stop, I wanted to share some fun facts about wolves that I didn’t know. This book has a strong focus on wolves and I absolutely love that. Wolves are one of my favorite animals (I’d say their number one, but I have 3 number ones I can think of off the top of my head… make that 4). But anyway, they have always been a favorite of mine, so you’d think I’d know a lot about them. But I actually don’t! So let’s learn some stuff together.

There will also be an international giveaway at the end of this post for a character poster so please make sure to enter!

Let me know in the comments if you knew these facts or if they were new to you as well!

Let’s get right into this.

Before we get into the fun facts, let’s get talk about the book!

The Hollow Gods by AJ Vrana

Title: The Hollow Gods
Author: A.J. Vrana
Series: The Chaos Cycle Duology #1
Publisher: Parliament House Press
Publishing Date: July 28, 2020
Genres: NA Contemporary Fantasy

This novel follows three different characters in a town haunted by a legend of the Dreamwalker, a figure who lures young women into the woods. The first one, Miya, believes that she’s going to be the next victim of the Dreamwalker; the second, Kai, wakes up next to the body of the most recent missing girl; and finally, Mason, an oncologist taking a break from his practice to get himself in order. These three end up teaming up together to uncover the secrets of the Dreamwalker and the town.

My Thoughts

While I haven’t finished this book as of writing this post, I will say that I am thoroughly enjoying it! If you live in the US then I’m sure you know why I ended up getting a bit behind, but I do plan on finishing it soon and posting my review on GoodReads, Storygraph, Instagram, etc. I will also talk about it in my weekly update on Tuesday!

But with what I’ve currently read, I’m really enjoying the story. The story has me confused in the best way. I’m trying to figure out what could be going on and that’s making me confused. I promise, it’s not a bad confusion. It’s a “I need to know what’s happening” confusion.

About AJ Vrana

A. J. Vrana is a Serbian-Canadian academic and writer from Toronto, Canada. She lives with her two rescue cats, Moonstone and Peanut Butter, who nest in her window-side bookshelf and cast judgmental stares at nearby pigeons. Her doctoral research examines the supernatural in modern Japanese and former-Yugoslavian literature and its relationship to violence. When not toiling away at caffeine-fueled, scholarly pursuits, she enjoys jewelry-making, cupcakes, and concocting dark tales to unleash upon the world. Her published works include The Chaos Cycle Duology: The Hollow Gods (2020) and The Echoed Realm (2021) from The Parliament House Press, and a short supernatural horror story, These Silent Walls (2020), printed in Three Crows Magazine.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

Where You Can Find This Book!

Goodreads | StoryGraph | Amazon | B&N | The Chaos Cycle Website

There’s also a sale going on November 10th on BookBub where you can purchase the eBook for $1.99!

Get yourself a copy here!

Now, let’s get into the fun facts about wolves!

1. Wolves aren’t as dangerous as people think.

According to Living with Wolves, wolves are more afraid of you than you should be of them. They avoid humans when they can. I wanted to share this fact because in The Hollow Gods, there’s a rumor/myth that’s spread around the town that if you see a wolf by the woods where the girls disappear, it’s a bad omen and you’re in the sights of the Dreamwalker.

That being said, don’t approach any wolves in the wild. You never know how dangerous one really could be. Which brings me into the next one…

2. Some states restrict people from owning wolf hybrids. It’s illegal in others.

According to Animal Law Source, some states have restriction on wolf-hybrids, classifying them as wild animals and thus they must follow the same laws. These states include: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Virginia.

While other states prohibit the private ownership of wolf-hybrids entirely (not including zoos and the like). These states include: Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Wyoming.

So, moral of the story is that I cannot own a wolf-hybrid without moving. But if you ever think about it, make sure you are checking into your state laws. I didn’t know that there was a mix of different laws. I figured states either chose to not allow them or allow them. Then I figured if they were allowed, they would either be classified as a wild animal or as a regular dog, not a mix of both throughout the US. It’s interesting.

Photo by Steve from Pexels

3. Wolves mate for life.

Okay, so this is one that I already knew, but it’s always nice to hear. And it’s also really interesting thinking about The Hollow Gods. The connection in the stories that the wolves have to the Dreamwalker sticks to how loyal the wolves can be to each other.

And think about your dog (if you have one). While your dog may not be a wolf, dogs and wolves share a lot of characteristics. And loyalty is one that I’m sure most of us can recognize in our dogs (I say our like I have one. I don’t have a doggo, but I used to and she was definitely loyal).

4. Alphas are a myth.

We all know the general idea that there is one set of male and female alpha wolves in a pack. Rather than there being “alphas,” they are the parents of the rest of the pack. It seems that wolf packs are made when, according to Business Insider paraphrasing from David Mech, “wolves split off from their packs when they mature, and seek out opposite-sex companions with whom to form new packs. The male and female co-dominate the new pack for a much simpler, more peaceful reason: They’re the parents of all the pups.”

(Just know that the article I linked on “Business Insider” is in reference to a comment Eric Trump made about when his father said sexist and disgusting.)

5. The average grey wolf can get to 4.5-6 feet long, 26-32 inches tall, and weigh 50-110 pounds.

These stats came from WolfWatcher, a website where you can find all sorts of different wolf information.

Wolves are probably a lot bigger than people think. I didn’t imagine them to be that much bigger than your average dog, but they can be as long as an adult is tall from nose to tail. And the height of a small child, weighing as much as a teenager. It’s crazy to think about but so fascinating.

It makes sense knowing that they eat such large prey in such large amounts, but still. II think of a wolf and I just imagine a dog. So thinking about it being bigger than that scares me a bit. Thankfully, as we learned from fact one, they aren’t as dangerous as people think. Again, that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Do your research and figure out what you should do if you come across a wolf in the wild. Educate yourself and don’t be dumb.

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Alright everyone! That’s going to be it for this one. Please make sure to check out the posts from the other hosts as well as the book! There is a photo below which shows what host is posting on what day. Make sure to check them all out.

Thank you all so much for joining me. I hope you have a wonderful week this coming week. Remember to take care of yourself and read some good books (unless you don’t feel like reading then watch some good TV or something)!

See you all very soon in my next post and until then, I’ll see you on Instagram and in the comments.

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