5 Books I Want to Reread in 2021

Good morning everyone! I had a different plan for today’s post, but I couldn’t manage to get that one to work, so I decided to talk about 5 books/series I would love to reread in 2021.

There will be various reasons for why I want to reread them, so make sure you check out the accompanying video that I posted to go with this where I go more in detail about why I want to reread them.

So, let’s get into this.


Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

And that’s going to be it for this one. Don’t forget to comment if you would like to buddy read any of these with me and/or what books you would like to reread in 2021?

I can’t wait to get back into these stories again.

Thank you all so much for joining me. I’ll definitely see you all very soon in the next one. Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. My son was sick with a cold and then I was. I’m just getting over it finally.

Have a wonderful weekend! Bye!

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14 thoughts on “5 Books I Want to Reread in 2021

  1. Some good books on this list! I have been meaning to reread the Vampire Academy series for the longest time. Aaaannnd I actually need to finish the Illuminae Chronicles and read Obsidio. 😅 Maybe 2021 will be the year for both of us? Happy reading! ✨

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    • I only read the first Vampire Academy book and then never got to the rest, but I really want to. And I think I’ll be in the mood when rereading Twilight so we’ll see. And I loved Obsidio which lead me to want to reread the series and see if I really didn’t like. Illuminae and Gemina or what it was 😂

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  2. Feel better soon! I want to read Illuminae for the first time in 2021, but that’s the only one of the books on your list I have any plans to read next year.

    I would like to re-read the first three InCryptid novels by Seanan McGuire, because I want to continue the series and yet have forgotten all of the subtle details of the characters and plot. I think I’ll enjoy continuing the series more if I go back and remind myself of the details.

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    • Definitely! Sometimes that’s necessary when continuing with the series you haven’t read in a while. That’s the main reason I haven’t really continued a few series. Then again, my mind is weird. Someone could ask me about something that happened in a book (major or minor) and I’d blank. But if I start rereading it, I remember EVERYTHING almost instantly. Down to even how I was feeling/acting while reading a certain scene sometimes.


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