2021 Goals! | Reading, Socials, and Life

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be briefly listing and going over the goals that I have for 2021. I’m going to mainly focus on my reading goals, but I will also be very briefly telling you some goals I have for my blog, YouTube, and Instagram.

I know that most of us had hard 2020s, so while my goals are ambitious, don’t feel like you have to be setting this many goals or any at all. 2020 was hard, 2021 has been a mess already and we’re only 6 days in (at least it has been in the US).

Don’t set any goals, set a million goals, set only a few. Do what you are comfortable doing and don’t feel pressured to do any of them. Most of these aren’t really goals in the sense of me using them to read better or change anything.

Anyway, let’s just get right into this.

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