2021 Goals! | Reading, Socials, and Life

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be briefly listing and going over the goals that I have for 2021. I’m going to mainly focus on my reading goals, but I will also be very briefly telling you some goals I have for my blog, YouTube, and Instagram.

I know that most of us had hard 2020s, so while my goals are ambitious, don’t feel like you have to be setting this many goals or any at all. 2020 was hard, 2021 has been a mess already and we’re only 6 days in (at least it has been in the US).

Don’t set any goals, set a million goals, set only a few. Do what you are comfortable doing and don’t feel pressured to do any of them. Most of these aren’t really goals in the sense of me using them to read better or change anything.

Anyway, let’s just get right into this.



  • Read 100 Books
  • Finish More Series
  • Read All of My Wrapped Books
  • 21 for 2021 (Check out the post discussing that here)

So, those were all of the random challenges that I have. Ones that I can track, but that are very catered to me. I hope to finish more than 100 books, but I’m still getting out of my end of the year reading slump from 2020, so I didn’t want to set myself up for failure.

Here are the 5 challenges that I plan on participating in during 2021. I don’t plan on doing most of these actively, like searching down the books to fit the challenges, but if I read a book that fits into these challenges, then I’ll count them. I usually use these challenges to see how I’m reading within the challenges by reading normal. If that makes sense.

BookTube, Blog, & Instagram

  • Be more consistent with posting
  • Review all the books I read (On StoryGraph, GoodReads, and Amazon)
  • Follower Goals

So, I really fell off consistent posting during the second half of 2020 and I just never really got back into it. So I want to spend 2021 consistently posting. That being said, I will obviously allow myself a break if I need it. But I wanted to have this as a goal so that I was more motivated to continue posting. I’ve done well on my blog and YouTube but I haven’t been doing well on Instagram.

So, I want to post daily on Instagram, almost daily on my blog (I may give myself a break on Thursdays) and then Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on my YouTube.

As for my follower goals, I have them set, but I’m not going to share them. As people say, we don’t do this for the followers. But with the way I’ve been growing, I’ve set goals that I think that I will be able to hit by the end of the year. It’s kind of just rounding up to the nearest 500 mark, if you’re curious.



  • Daily Workouts
  • Up Water Intake
  • Eat Healthier
  • Get Better About Daily Schedule

So, these are pretty much the same goals everyone has, but they are different for me this year. Last year, and the years before, I was working a full time job. I had the plans, but they were kind of just “this would be nice.” This year, it’s more of a necessity. I am not working anymore, which means I’m spending a lot more time at home. My health hasn’t been doing the best because of it and the lack of motion. So I need to work on all of these things.

As for the last one, I really need to work on my daily schedule. I tend to just not do much and because of that, things end up getting behind. I’ve been spending this past week working on my sleep schedule a bit. Have I managed it, nope. But I’m trying.

So, there’s obviously more that I want to get done this year, but these are the main things I would like to do. I have a goal to start streaming this year, as well. My husband and I just got the parts to upgrade his computer so maybe I’ll be able to work on setting up the streaming setup sooner rather than later! We’ll see!

Let me know some games you would like to see me stream and/or some goals you have for 2021!

Thank you all so much for joining me. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll definitely be seeing you all very soon in my next post!

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