Weekly Update | January 11-17, 2021

Good morning everyone! I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve just been in a weird place and haven’t been feeling up to blogging. But here I am once again! I’m glad to be back and the break was definitely needed.

Always remember that if you need a break, you should take one. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, your self care comes first. Take a break when you need it.

But anyway, today I’m going to be reviewing how my break of a week went. It wasn’t my best week I’ve had, but it’s the best this year. So, let’s get right into it.



This week I ended up finishing 2 books. I finally finished my reread of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and then I read Heartstopper Vol 2 by Alice Oseman.

Both of these books got 5 stars from me and The Hate U Give just made me even more excited to read Concrete Rose.

Don’t forget that Concrete Rose is the second book club book for January! We will be starting the read of it on the 25th. By the time you will be seeing this post, I will have the breakdown on Discord.

But since finishing those two books, I started two more. I started my reread of Illuminae (and by started, I mean continued because I was already a bit of the way through this from last year). I’m finishing off Sunday on page 251 of this.

The other book that I started was House of Leaves. This is a buddy read that Julie from Pages and Pens was hosting with Amber from Amber’s Books and More. I have no idea what I’m going to be getting into with this book, but these two praised this book so highly that I couldn’t NOT read it with them.

I’m not even far enough in this one to even really count it, but I’m going to anyway. I can’t wait to continue with this one.

So, as for what I plan on reading this coming week, I plan on finishing Illuminae and House of Leaves. I’m physically reading both of these, so I don’t know how much other reading I’ll be able to get done. But if I do have time, I may jump into my reread of Twilight. I didn’t realize how many rereads I was planning on doing this month, but that’s okay.

I’m reading this one with a friend of mine and I would really like to get started on it soon so that I can get through it early next week. I don’t want it taking up too much of my focus while reading Concrete Rose.

TV Shows

As for TV shows, I’ve made progress in Grey’s Anatomy and that’s really it. I am almost done with season 16 and then I’ll be able to finish up what’s out for season 17 currently before it returns in March.

As for watching plans for this coming week, I’m going to be working on the K-drama I mentioned in a previous weekly update, Hospital Playlist. The two books that I’m going to be focusing on this week are going to be really heavy, one because of the subject matter and the other because it’s a sci-fi, so I really want a kind of easy watch. I believe that watching Grey’s Anatomy and this K-drama, I’ll get that.

If Hospital Playlist isn’t really giving me the mental relief I’m looking for, then I may find another K-drama that is more of a cheesy romantic one. We will have to see. I will try to keep you all updated on my progress with reading and everything on Instagram.



I decided I really wanted to add this little section because I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley lately. And I think it would be fun to share some progress in my gaming.

So, I did get on Sims 4 for a little bit where I’m working on the 100 Baby Challenge. I currently have had 5 babies with 1 matriarch. She is pregnant again right now. One young adult has been moved out, I have 3 teens, and a toddler in the house right now. I didn’t really make any progress this week, though. If you want to keep up with my progress as it’s happening, I share every update in my Discord! So come join where we talk books, games, and whatever else you want to chat about.

In Stardew Valley, I built my relationship with Maru and we got married! I’m in Summer Year 2 and I just love this game so much. I decided to do the “community center mix up” that I don’t think anyone would understand if you haven’t played, but I just unlocked the bus and the glittery rock. So those added two new things into the game for me that I’ve never done before.

On the Animal Crossing front, nothing has really happened. Lucky asked to leave but I told him no. So we’re still waiting on someone to leave so that I can villager hunt for a surprise villager.

I’m also really thinking about streaming. I’ve been wanting to do it for so long now. But I’m trying to find some time that would work for me. I’m thinking mornings before my boy wakes up, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Maybe I’ll figure it out and I can start soon.

Alright, that last chunk was very text heavy and I’m sorry about that. I want to add more variety to my Instagram photos and share the photos that I shared this week related to what I read and watched. But I need to take those photos and post them first.

But anyway, thank you all so much for joining me! I will be back soon with another post. And there will be a super exciting announcement coming at the end of the week!!!

See you all soon! Stay safe this week.

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My name is Amanda! I'm 25 years old with one son, Alex. He's my world and my everything. I have my Bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing. I run the Instagram @acourtofbooksandlove, the A Court of Books and Love blog and YouTube. I hope to one day help indie authors/lesser known authors work to spread their name and get their book to where they want it to be and ready for the public's eyes. If you're an indie author, feel free to email me to see if I'm interested in your novel (whether it's already published or not). I mainly read romance, YA fantasy, and YA contemporary. When emailing, please provide a copy of the novel or a link to where I can find it. For business inquires, email me at: acourtofbooksandlove@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Weekly Update | January 11-17, 2021

  1. Sounds like a good week, I’m glad you’re feeling better! I hope to get to Illuminae this year, though I have no plans for it soon. It is on my physical bookshelf, though, so I could change my mind and start it at any time. We’ll see.

    I love Stardew Valley! Though I tend to focus on fixing up the community center and forget about the romance options. Lately I’ve been re-playing Divinity: Original Sin. I enjoyed the game when I first picked it up in 2017, but I never finished the story so I’m hoping to do that this time around.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. LOL, that makes sense. I tend to go explore the dungeon at all available chances, so between that and the community center I forget about the friendship/romance part.

        Divinity is an RPG, which is my favorite game genre. (Though cozy games like Stardew Valley are a close second!)

        Liked by 2 people

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