Readathin Announcement! | February 2021

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today we’re announcing the first round of Readathin for 2021!!! And we are super excited about it!

This is a readathon that I co-host with my friend Donna from Mom’s Book Collection and the goal of the readathon is to read books you own. Thin your TBR! This can be physical books on your shelves, books on your ereader, or audiobooks you’ve purchased.

So, while there are reading challenges, you don’t necessarily need to follow them. As long as your reading owned books, you’re reading for Readathin. And don’t feel like EVERY book you read during the month has to be for Readathin.

There is also a photo challenge that goes along with the reading challenges, so make sure you’re posting those photos on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ReadathinPhotoFeb21

Let’s get into these challenges!


You can find readathin on Instagram and on Twitter. We also made a Storygraph challenge page! Also, make sure to check out mine and Donna’s instagrams! And my Discord where you we talk about books and other fun stuff! All linked below.

Readathin Instagram
Readathin Twitter
Readathin StoryGraph
Donna’s Instagram
Donna’s Blog
My Instagram
Books and Love Discord

Reading Challenges

This round Donna and I decided we wanted to do a wheel of TBR for the prompts! It’s super fun and I can’t wait to get started on doing it.

But there are about 15 prompts so there is going to be a bit of variety when figuring out your TBR. You can do this in multiple different ways. You can decide to read 5 books this month for Readathin and then spin the wheel 5 times then make your TBR.

Or you can just do it one prompt at a time. That’s probably what I will end up doing. Or I will do 4-5 challenges then after that just spin the wheel.

I know for a fact that not all the books I read for this readathon are going to fit into the prompts, but I definitely want to use the wheel to figure out what to read.

You can find the wheel by clicking here!

Again, remember that you don’t have to do any of these challenges if you don’t want to. Do what you want. We are not going to be policing your reading.


Let’s quickly go over the challenges and what they mean so that you don’t get confused since some of them are a bit confusing if you don’t know what they mean.

  • Love Related Title: This can be a book with any “love” related word in the title, so words like: love, romance, kiss, etc. Examples: I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo; Heartstopper by Alice Oseman
  • 3 Word Title: We decided to do a three word title for “I love you” being 3 words. If you want to count “a” or “the” at the beginning of the title, go ahead. Extra points if it follows the “1-4-3” letter breakdown. Examples: Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte; The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta
  • Red or Pink Cover: This one is pretty self explanatory. It doesn’t have to be entirely pink or red, but I don’t think that finding a book that is would be tough.
  • No Romance: This is a book that doesn’t have any romance. If there’s a side romance or the romance isn’t the main focus of the story, then it can count. But your best bet would likely be a non-fiction.
  • Random Word: For this one, you can either ask someone for a random word or you can use a random word generator. Use that word and try to find a book with it in the title or any variant of it. Feel free to redo the word until you find one that’s on your shelves.
  • Morning Reading: For this one, the goal is to wake up and read first thing in the morning. Before getting on your phone, computer, or anything else.
  • Fairytale Retelling: Read any fairytale retelling. Examples: A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer; A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas; The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh
  • Self Care Day: Choose a day and spend the entire day just practicing self care, however it is that you do it.
  • Graphic Novel: Read any form of graphic novel, comic, manga, etc.
  • Thin Book: This is up to interpretation. It can be a book that looks thin compared to what you normally read or a thin book that’s under a certain number of pages. If you count it as thin, then it’s counted.
  • Own Voices: Read an own voices book. Please be wary of whether or not the author is out before you choose their book for this challenge. If you want to read it, fine. But if the author isn’t out, don’t out them. Choose a different book for this challenge.
  • Books and Love Pick: I run a book club on my Discord called the Books and Love Book Club. Tomorrow I am officially announcing the book we chose for February. But make sure to join the book club to join into the discussion of the book.
  • Flowers on the Cover: Another that is pretty self explanatory. If there is a single flower, it counts. If the entire cover is flowers, it counts.
  • Read 5 Books: The 5th book you read will count for this one!
  • Romance: This can be an adult romance, a young adult romance, a new adult romance. Anything. If it’s classified as a romance, then it counts. Just remember that a romance has to have a happily ever after/happy for now ending. If you are curious if the book you want to count is a romance, then feel free to message us on the Readathin Twitter or Instagram.

Photo Challenge

So, there’s not really too much to say about this one. Just make sure that you’re using the hashtag #ReadathinPhotoFeb21 for each post so that we can see it.

And I think that’s really it for this one! I do hope you all can join into this round of Readathin! Comment down below if you have any questions and let me know if you plan on joining! Thank you all so much for supporting me and Donna and Readathin over all these years! I can’t believe this is the 4th year running it!!!

Anyway, I will definitely see you all tomorrow with the Book and Love Book Club pick announcement! Have a wonderful day everyone!

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