Hello?! I’m Back!? | Weekly Goals April 18-24, 2021

Everyone!!!!! Hello!!! How are you all? Have you all been well? It’s been a while! Sorry. I’m excited to be back.

I’ve told myself multiple times that I would be come back just kind of whenever I wanted to. But I’ve noticed that “when I want” just doesn’t happen. So to come back, I need to put myself on a schedule and kind of “force” myself back into it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not forcing myself to do it because I don’t want to. I want to, but if I don’t MAKE myself the time to do it, then I just… won’t. So here I am. I have a plan to post everyday this week, but if I miss a day, don’t be surprised. I’m trying.

So, today we’re going to go over my goals for this week. This is going to go over what I want to read, listen to, watch, and…. STREAM (yes, you read that right)! So let’s get right into this.

Before I get into my plans, I want to remind everyone that despite there are a lot of things going on around the world that aren’t right. Racism, sexism, all the isms, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and other phobias like these are still huge issues in this world and we need to stand by and support the people who are suffering at the hands of these prejudices and worse. Please click this link to learn more about how you can learn, grow, and help be the change you want to see in this world and please do your own research on these issues and educate yourself: https://resources4change.carrd.co/

Stream Schedule

We’re going to start right out with my streaming schedule because there’s not going to be much “discussion” about it. But, if you didn’t know, I have started streaming some games that I enjoy playing over on Twitch! I stream a variety of games, but my main focuses right now are Cozy Grove, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. But I’ve been playing games like Monster Hunter World (which I just started), Grounded, and more.

So, this week I plan on opening each stream with Cozy Grove at 2pm EST (for people not in EST, click here to convert to your time zone). And here’s the breakdown for the games I will be playing after my daily Cozy Grove.

Monday 4/19: Animal Crossing
Tuesday 4/20: Animal Crossing
Wednesday 4/21: Stardew Valley
Thursday 4/22: No Stream
Friday 4/23: Grounded with HubsTheBibleo
Saturday 2/24: No Stream
Sunday 2/25: Free Day (I’ll do a later stream if I feel like it, but I’m not making any promises)

Photo of Manda's Stream Schedule (listed above)
Text that says "click here to follow me on twitch"

TV Shows and Dramas

One of the first shows that I want to catch up on is Navillera. This is a Korean drama following a younger guy teaching an older man ballet. I think that this drama is really heartwarming and interesting to watch. Usually I like to watch things that have some sort of romance as one of the main plot points, but this one doesn’t seem to have any romance in it and is really focused on the relationship between these two characters growing and how they are changing each other and helping the other grow and learn. Sorry, that was a weird run-on sentence, but I just love this show so far.

I’m only a few episodes into it, but they currently have a bunch out. They update on Mondays and Tuesdays. And as of today (Sunday, April 18th) they have 8 episodes out of the planned 12. I’m on episode 4 currently.

While I won’t be finishing this show until next week, I’d love to be able to finish it the day the final episode comes out, so I want to be able to be caught up on it before then.

After finishing Navillera, I want to finish watching Run On, which is another Korean Drama, except this one is following a romance between someone who subtitles movies from Korean to English that signed on to be an interpreter for a track star and said track star. I think that this show, for one, is really interesting following someone who captions movies for a living. It’s so interesting to see that side of the industry and the amount of work put into doing that and how little recognition they seem to get.

I, for one, would love to thank and appreciate all of the people who take the time to caption and subtitle media. When I was making YouTube videos, I tried to caption my videos and it was VERY taxing, but well worth the effort. So I’m grateful for anyone who captions and subtitles things.

But aside from them showing that side of the industry, I’m rooting for this relationship. I’m almost done (I’ve only got 4 episodes left) so I really want to see how these relationships all play out.

So, I wanted to plan to watch a movie during this week as well and decided that I really wanted to watch Moonlight finally. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for so long and have heard so much about it, that I’m finally going to try to make the effort to watch it this month.

This movie follows a poor, Black, and gay man trying to find his place in the world. I know that this movie is going to break me, but I really need to watch it. This week, I will watch it!

That being said, I kind of want to start doing some different and fun things to choose what to read and watch, kind of like how I do with my A Court of Books and Bingo where I have the challenges and I try to get a bingo by reading books that complete the challenges.

So, comment below with some prompts or ideas for what I could do for this. Recommend some shows and movies that I should watch (and maybe review) and prompts. I’ll make it a mix of different things. I think what I’ll do is a wheel instead of a bingo board, but still! I’m really excited!


Before getting into this, I’m going to say that I will be linking both Goodreads and Storygraph, but I do recommend Storygraph over Goodreads. The only reason I’m linking Goodreads is because I know a lot of people still use it.

Storygraph is a website, if you don’t know, that is just like Goodreads, but more updated. It not only tracks the books you’ve read and want to read, but also will recommend books based on those AND you can search for books based on what you’ve read AND what you’re in the mood for. There are also content warnings on every book that the reviewers add in based on intensity in the book. This includes both triggers AND content such as sexual content levels.

I will be sharing some of these content warnings throughout and just know that I got them from Storygraph.

And, if I haven’t won you over yet, there are partial stars. So feel free to rate a book you didn’t think was quite 5 stars, but was too good to be 4 stars that 4.5 or 4.75. There also MAY be a 0 star option, but if not, then there’s a .25 for those REALLY problematic books that just maybe shouldn’t have been published.

Now, Storygraph isn’t perfect, by any means, but it’s a step in the right direction for book tracking websites and I fully recommend it.

The first book that I want/need to finish is Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur. I’m currently 64% through this book and I really want and need to finish it. This book isn’t counting for any bingo challenges, but the next book that I read will be and I want to finish this one before getting into that one.

Written in the Stars is a female-female romance between Darcy and Elle, two women who are very different from each other. The two of them pretend to date so that Darcy’s brother will leave her alone and Elle’s family will stop bothering her about settling down like her siblings have.

I really really love this book so far. The romance between these two is just so authentic to me and I’m rooting for them so much. I’m really hoping that this isn’t another romance that is going to have the main conflict being a misunderstanding, but I guess we’ll see.

I requested Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur so long ago that I didn’t think I would end up getting approved for it on Netgalley. But I did!! And that pushed me to prioritize Written in the Stars. Here’s the thing, I was fully invested in Written in the Stars, but I’ve been struggling with my reading so much this past year. Even books I’ve been enjoying, I haven’t been able to get through.

So I’m hoping with me pushing to continue reading these books, I’ll be more motivated to get back into reading. And hopefully getting back into talking about those books will push me to do so as well.

Hang the Moon follows Darcy’s brother, Brendon, and her best friend, Annie. I’m so here for the sibling’s best friend romance story flipped on its head

This book is going to be going for the second to last challenge I need to complete for the first round of A Court of Books and Bingo which was to finish a series. While technically this series isn’t over (I don’t believe) and these can be read as standalones (I believe), I’m counting it for this challenge because I can!

The next book that I need to read to finish the first round of bingo is Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Madness which will be going for the challenge of reading the shortest book on my TBR.

This is a collection of a few of Edgar Allan Poe’s works and a bunch of illustrations to go along with them. I cannot wait to read this. I feel like this is going to be a good way to start getting into some Poe.

And the last book that I would like to get read this week or at least start is Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. This book is the book club book for the book club BeccawithaBook hosts on Twitch and Discord! I cannot wait to get through this book. It’s going to destroy me and I just know it. I’m ready to cry my eyes out.

Plus Aiden Thomas has another book that just came out and I cannot wait to read that. It’s a Peter Pan retelling and I feel like I’ve never read a Peter Pan retelling!

Cemetery Boys is about a Latinx trans boy who ends up summoning a ghost that won’t leave him alone as he’s trying to prove his gender to his family.

This is the first book in the next round of A Court of Books and Bingo and it will be going for the challenge of reading a standalone. When I talk about my TBR for May, I will go more into the prompts that I got for the second round of bingo. I decided to do just 5 prompts at a time when making TBRs this time instead of a full round of bingo. So I’ll be rolling more for May depending on how many books I end up finishing before then.

And that’s going to be it for this post! Those are all the things I want to work on this week. I don’t think I’ll be getting through everything, but I do hope I can make progress at least. I want to find time to manage everything and the start of that will be me waking up at a decent time instead of sleeping in until noon.

But don’t forget to comment below with prompts for my Watching Wheel! Prompts, recommendations, anything! And let me know what you plan on doing this week. I definitely would love to hear!

But I’ll definitely see you all again very soon, whether in my next post or in my streams! I hope you can join me either way!

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3 thoughts on “Hello?! I’m Back!? | Weekly Goals April 18-24, 2021”

  1. Welcome back! It sounds like you have some good plans. Best of luck with it all! I personally find that posting daily is too much for me, but I do have a set schedule that I keep to.

    I love The Storygraph also! Especially their reading challenges, and the fact that I can officially DNF a book and give a reason why, and that they are continually working on making it better. Great site.


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