2022 Weekly Update #7

Hey everyone!! Time to check in on how my reading and such has been this past week and my goals for this current week! Also, some life check-ins.

Bump Date

31 weeks!! I’ve been at my mom’s all week and it’s been mostly nice. I will say that I wish I had been home to get more done around the house to prep for girly, but I also needed to step away from all that and take a break.

I will say near the end of the week, my allergies started screaming and were horrible so I felt like trash. But otherwise, a break was nice.

Books I Read

  • White Rage by Carol Anderson – β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…Review link
  • Lucky in Love by Kasie West – β˜…β˜…Review link

What I Watched

  • Are we surprised I only watched Encanto on repeat? And YouTube. That’s really it.

Favorite Read

Highly highly recommend reading White Rage, if you haven’t yet. There’s so much information that I think is very important for people to know.

BookTube Shoutout

I really LOVE Bookish Realm. Their videos are always so interesting and I’m always interested in their thoughts and opinions.

Books to Read

  • Midnight Library by Matt Haig
  • Forever and Always, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
  • Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

What to Watch

  • Love and Leashes
  • Twenty-Five Twenty-One
  • Forecasting Love and Weather

Anticipated Book Release

Witchy Vol 2 coming Feb 15

Anticipated Screen Release

Uncharted coming Feb 18th

And that’s that! I had a good reading week, I think. And I hope for that to continue into this week. I do want to focus a bit more on watching things this week, but I don’t know, honestly, how much I’ll get done. I hope to get a lot done around the house, so I don’t know how much time I’ll have for reading/watching.

I guess we’ll see next week when I wrap up my reading and watching!

Thanks so much for joining me and don’t forget to let me know how your reading and watching has been and/or goals for this week that you have!

See you all again VERY soon!

Published by Manda the Bibleo

My name is Amanda! I'm 25 years old with one son, Alex. He's my world and my everything. I have my Bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing. I run the Instagram @acourtofbooksandlove, the A Court of Books and Love blog and YouTube. I hope to one day help indie authors/lesser known authors work to spread their name and get their book to where they want it to be and ready for the public's eyes. If you're an indie author, feel free to email me to see if I'm interested in your novel (whether it's already published or not). I mainly read romance, YA fantasy, and YA contemporary. When emailing, please provide a copy of the novel or a link to where I can find it. For business inquires, email me at: acourtofbooksandlove@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “2022 Weekly Update #7

  1. You can see what my reading week has been like here https://mistysbookspace.wordpress.com/2022/02/14/my-week-in-books-2-7-2-13/

    As for what I’ve been watching, I’ve spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos like usual but I did watch a new to me movie this week. It’s called Alone. It’s a zombie movie on Amazon Prime. I only watched it because Tyler Posey was in it and honestly it wasn’t the greatest.

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  2. Hooray for good reading! I’ve mostly been watching people play games on Twitch lately. It’s one way I can enjoy video games that I don’t have the patience to play myself. Plus, it doesn’t require me to spend much focus on it… I can knit while watching and not miss out on anything when I need to read the pattern. πŸ˜‰

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