21 for 2021 TBR

Good afternoon everyone! Today I’m going over my 21 for 2021 TBR!

I’m really excited to be getting into this with you all. I’m just going to kind of make this a list. I won’t be really including too much information on any of the books since there are 21 and that would make this post WAY too long. But you can check out the video in this post and that I posted on my YouTube about the same thing.

So, that being said, let’s get right into this one!

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Anticipated Book Releases | January

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well this lovely Sunday morning! Today I’m going to be discussing the new releases that I’m anticipating in January.

This post will be focused on the books I’m anticipating. Yesterday, I talked about the movies, tv shows, and K-dramas I’m excited about. So make sure you’re checking out that post as well.

I’m sure that I’m going to miss some books. There are so many books coming out that look good! But these are some that I’m excited about.

I do hope you all enjoy this post! Make sure to comment below with any books you’re anticipating in January! Let’s do this!

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Anticipated January Releases | Movies, TV Shows, K-Dramas, etc.

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I hope you had a wonderful New Years and were safe!

Today I’m going to be going over the movies, TV shows, and more that I cannot wait to come out in January 2021. Make sure you comment with any that you’re excited about!

But, that being said, let’s get right into this. I don’t think this post is going to be too long because, well, January doesn’t seem to have too many movie/tv/drama releases that I’m interested in.

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January TBR | 2021

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m doing amazing and glad to be back again. As of writing this post, it’s December 30th and I’ve got a bunch of work done to get ahead in my posts. But I still have a lot left to do. So hopefully by the time you’re seeing this, I got a bunch of that stuff done!

Anyway, happy New Year everyone! Here’s to 2021 being a better year for everyone.

Today we’re going to be going over my reading plans for 2021.

Thank you for joining me today and I hope you love this post. Don’t forget to comment with your January plans as well!

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Haitus Until Jan 1st!

Hey everyone! I’m just popping in really quick just to let you all know that I’m taking a hiatus until January 1st.

I’ll be back with posts then on here and my YouTube. So make sure you all are ready for that!

I’m using this time to get ahead in posts.

I’m also curious what time you all would like for me to post. Options are (all EST): 8am, 12pm, 6pm.

I figure those are good times, but I don’t know which everyone would prefer. So let me know which you would prefer!

Thank you all so much for sticking around with me this past here. And here’s to 2021 and me being more consistent! I’ll see you all again on January 1st with my first post of the year (my January 2021 TBR) and my fun TBR game that I’ll be playing!

See you all then!

January 2021 Books and Love Book Club Picks!

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be going over the book club picks for January’s Book and Love Book Club (Yes, picks).

So, if you don’t know, I run a book club on my Discord. You can click here to join it if you would like. There is so much more going on there, even though it is mainly focused on books. We talk games, anime, writing, and more.

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Among Us Book Tag | Tag Tuesday

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be doing the Among Us Book Tag.

While I don’t play this game myself, I have been obsessively watching people playing it. Mainly Valkyrae, Sykunno, and Corpse Husband. But playing it just isn’t my cup of tea, so to speak.

But that all being said, this tag was created by TheGlitteryBookworm_ on Instagram and I found it on Breakeven Books on YouTube. Check both of them out!

So, let’s get right into this!

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5 Books I Want to Reread in 2021

Good morning everyone! I had a different plan for today’s post, but I couldn’t manage to get that one to work, so I decided to talk about 5 books/series I would love to reread in 2021.

There will be various reasons for why I want to reread them, so make sure you check out the accompanying video that I posted to go with this where I go more in detail about why I want to reread them.

So, let’s get into this.

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December 2020 TBR

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Today I’m going to be going over some of the books I hope to read in December.

So, I want to start this out by letting you all know that this isn’t set in stone and it’s just a general idea. There are more books I want to read and I’m definitely going to be mood reading and focusing on 2021 stuff coming up so I don’t know how much reading I’ll be able to get done.

But let’s just get into this and don’t forget to comment with what books you want to read in December.

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Readathin Wrap Up | November 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be going over the 6 books that I finished in the month of November. 4 of them went toward Readathin and while I had hoped to do better, I did pretty well in my opinion. Especially since I’ve been in a weird reading place lately. I am counting the other two books as well because I technically had them before November. While I usually try not to count ARCs, I decided to this time to kind of beef up my bingo board.

But let’s just get right into this and start out with some reading stats.

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