Other People Don’t Define You

Good morning everyone. Sorry about not posting yesterday. I was going to talk about one thing but then decided that I didn’t want to do that one anymore. I couldn’t think of anything to post such short notice, so I just decided to skip it. But today I’m going to be going into a topicContinue reading “Other People Don’t Define You”

Take A Break… You Deserve IT

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! I know Mondays are hard, but I believe that you are going to make it through. If you’re feeling at all stressed on this Monday morning, then today’s Motivation Monday post is for you. Continue reading and let me know in the comments how you spend your breaks.

You Aren’t Perfect… And You Don’t Have to Be

Good afternoon everyone. Today is Motivation Monday and I’m ready to share with you something I’ve had to keep in mind over the past week. We’re going to talk a bit about perfection and why it’s something no one should strive for. I know, that sounds kind of opposite of everything that we were raisedContinue reading “You Aren’t Perfect… And You Don’t Have to Be”

My Birthday in Animal Crossing… in Photos

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and happy Sunday! Today is not only the first “official” day in Animal Crossing that we get to see fireworks, but also two days after my birthday! I decided that it would be a super fun idea to share some screenshots and such fromContinue reading “My Birthday in Animal Crossing… in Photos”

5 Things I Would Like to Do Before 2021

Good morning/evening/late night everyone. It’s currently 1 AM where I live and I had posted on Twitter and Instagram earlier that I would definitely be getting a post up. Well, I laid down with my son and decided I most certainly was not getting a post up. That was approximately 3 hours ago. I wasContinue reading “5 Things I Would Like to Do Before 2021”

Self Care Tips

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be giving you all some tips when it comes to handling your self care. Completely off topic, but my husband got me a new keyboard since I’ve been having issues with my laptop one and currently I’m really happy with this one!Continue reading “Self Care Tips”

Organizing My Social Media | Coffee Over Books

Good morning everyone! It’s time for another Coffee Over Books. You may have noticed a bit of changes made throughout the past few days. Today I’m going to be discussing those changes and how I manage all of my social media accounts. Let’s get right into this and I hope some of these tips canContinue reading “Organizing My Social Media | Coffee Over Books”

Q&A and Have I Read Your Favorites?| Coffee Over Books

Good evening everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Time for a fun little quick Q&A for my first Coffee Over Books post!! I’m also including Have I Read Your Favorite Books in here because this is going up later than planned. I’ll be having my review for the Kdrama Chocolate going up soonContinue reading “Q&A and Have I Read Your Favorites?| Coffee Over Books”