Chocolate K-Drama Review | Choose My Next Watch

Good evening everyone. And by evening, I mean night. Because it’s most certainly nighttime here. It’s 7pm and I just finished watching the Korean drama, Chocolate. Now I’m here to review it for you all. This will be completely spoiler-free. All thoughts are my own and just because I felt a certain way, that dosentContinue reading “Chocolate K-Drama Review | Choose My Next Watch”

K-Dramas First Impressions: Chocolate Episode 1 & 2

Good morning everyone! I want to start incorporating my love of Asian dramas, anime, and tv shows into my blog, so I’m going to do just that here. I currently have the current show I’m watching along with the next one that I’m going to binge. But after that, I’m going to allow you allContinue reading “K-Dramas First Impressions: Chocolate Episode 1 & 2”

Torn by Harper Phoenix Release Blitz & Spoiler-Free Review

Good morning all! Today I’m back with my first release blitz since I started posting here again. I’m sorry that I’ve been gone this past week. I just got behind on everything, but I’m going to get better this week! Also, I posted a video on my YouTube! Make sure you check it out andContinue reading “Torn by Harper Phoenix Release Blitz & Spoiler-Free Review”