Series I Need To Finish | April 2020

Good after everyone! I hope you’re doing well. For some reason, I pushed off writing this post and now it’s 3am on the morning that I wanted to have this uploaded and instead of hunting spiders on Animal Crossing, I’m doing this. (Update: I ended up going to bed partway through and just finished it at 1pm)

I don’t know if I should be proud or not…?

Anyway, tomorrow I have a BookTube video going up that is just me listing off the sequels that I own and have to read. A couple days ago I did a check in on how I’ve been doing with my reading goals. One of those goals was to finish some series. So what better time than now to share with you all the series that I currently need to finish.

Let’s just get into this. I’m not going to be getting into what these books are about. Just kind of listing them. It’s going to be a really boring read, but an interesting skim. Justl like in the video, I’m not getting into manga. If you’d like a separate post for that, I can do that.

Oh, I also didn’t include series that may have other books coming out, but I’m caught up. But if there are books out in the series (even if it’s going to have more coming out) and I haven’t read them, it’s counted. For romances, sometimes they are “series” but not listed as such. If it’s listed on GoodReads as a series, it’s counted here.

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