Weekly Update | June 8-14

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing wonderful. Today I’m going to be wrapping up this last week with my reading, favorite blog posts, and some stats to keep some things interesting. I’ll also give you a brief idea of my reading/watching plans for this coming week. I’m going to be trying a newContinue reading “Weekly Update | June 8-14”

Weekly Update | June 1-7

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all doing well. I was debating doing this blog post specifically because it’s going up a lot later than I normally would have these going up. But that’s okay. I decided to do it anyway, even though there isn’t going to be too much information in it because IContinue reading “Weekly Update | June 1-7”

Weekly Update | April 25-31, 2020

Good morning everyone! I’m back from my mini-haitus. There was just a lot going on and I needed a few days off to get my crap back together and get ahead. But I’m back again and I plan on spending the week getting myself ahead of posts and videos. That being said, Today I’ll beContinue reading “Weekly Update | April 25-31, 2020”

Weekly Update | May 24th, 2020

Good evening everyone! I’m here to update you all on how my reading has gone this week. I’ll also be letting you know my plans for next week. Comment below to let me know how your reading went this week. Let’s get into this!

Weekly Update | May 10, 2020

Welcome back everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting these past few days. I got really behind in life in general so I decided to take a break from posting. But I’m back today and using this fun Sunday to get ahead in the week. So be ready for posts every day this week. I’mContinue reading “Weekly Update | May 10, 2020”

Weekly Update | May 3rd

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be wrapping up this week (April 27-May 3rd) and let you know what I hope to read next week! I’ll also be talking about the webtoons I’m reading and the shows I’m watching. So make sure you click “continue reading” to keep reading!Continue reading “Weekly Update | May 3rd”

Weekly Update | April 6, 2020

Good evening everyone! It’s time for my weekly update. I’m going to just keep this as books I read and ones that I want to read. I didn’t watch anything this week or really listen to too much. So let’s just get into this.

Weekly Update | March 23-29 & March 30-April 5

Good evening everyone! I hope you’re doing wonderful. I’m finally getting around to wrapping up my reading for last week and telling you all my TBR for next week! So, last week I was participating in the readathon #MusicalReadathon and it was extended to last this week as well! I’m going to cover the booksContinue reading “Weekly Update | March 23-29 & March 30-April 5”

Weekly Wrap Up and Goals | March 16-22 & 23-29

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Here in NY, we’re on lockdown now. Non-essential business are closed, which means I still have to go in because I work at Walmart. Please be aware and thank the people who are still forced to put themselves at risk for this. ThatContinue reading “Weekly Wrap Up and Goals | March 16-22 & 23-29”

Weekly Wrap Up and TBR | Week 9 & 10 Feb 25-Mar 1

Good morning everyone! It’s time to wrap up my reading for the week and the books I plan on reading for next week! I’m also going to mention the music I’ve been listening to and the shows I’ve been watching. And last but not least, the Webtoon I’m currently reading. Because I read so manyContinue reading “Weekly Wrap Up and TBR | Week 9 & 10 Feb 25-Mar 1”